Favilli Releases New Factory Blend + New Puro Tasting Pack

Right up front I’ll share that I’m really excited about both of these concepts – not just because of the quality of the tobacco involved, but because it shows the impact this new wave of cigar enthusiasts is having on the industry. Cigar heads want to know what the rollers like smoking, what blends are being worked on, and how they’re being created. We want to try as many different kinds of tobaccos and enjoy as many different kinds of experiences as possible. It’s easy to sound foolish speaking of a time you didn’t live in, but I imagine that it used to be more important to cigar buyers that they be able to get the same cigar over and over again even if that meant that rare or limited materials could never be used to enhance the blends. Today, we just want to experience the best tobaccos available – even if that means we only get to experience each of them once.

Favilli seems to always be delivering something innovative lately, most recently with their Tierra and Coffee & Cigars releases. They introduce the L project by sharing that “our Factory Blend series is from the heart of our Aging Room. This series offers our clients a look at the deeper & more complex creations when we blend, test and classify our tobaccos. Expression, strength, body? We’d like for you to determine this!” The Factory Blend – L marries a Nicaraguan Cafe wrapper with Nicaraguan binder & fillers. This blend already stands apart from last year’s limited “C” release, which featured an Ecuadorian Connecticut shade grown wrapper. From the new drop, we’re told to expect a complex richness featuring a molasses-licorice sensation. This release is available as a 6 count Enviro-Pak in a 6 x 52 format. The Factory Blend – L  ships to the US and Canada in 2-4 weeks and can be ordered now for $70.

In another innovative offering, Favilli’s Puro Tasting Pack showcases tobaccos from Nicaragua in their three primary classifications of Seco, Viso & Ligero – rolled into entire 5.5 x 50 cigars. The 4 count Enviro-Pak’s contents allows one to experience what it is like to sample and select tobaccos for a blend. Once an enthusiast has explored the three individual tobaccos, the 4th cigar contains all three tobaccos and is provided in order to able to experience all of the nuances blended together. A tasting/blending sheet is included with each pack so that one may fully immerse themselves in the tasting experience. The Puro Tasting Pack ships to the US and Canada in 2-4 weeks and can be ordered now for $45.