Patoro Gran Anejo Reserva

The construction on this cigar is phenomenal.  This would be a great  Midday or afternoon cigar. Would pair great with an Orange soda or a 100 proof bourbon.  Most of the cigar was very enjoyable. The only downside is how harsh it got in the final third.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano / Binder: Dominican / Filler:  Dominican

Vitola: No. 4 Toro / Size: 6 × 50

 Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Earth, hay, grass, Hershey kisses

Sweet tobacco, dark fruit, and chocolate

Sweet tobacco and cut grass

On the light notes of tobacco dry toast and dusty walnuts. The draw has a perfect mix of resistance with smooth air flow. Lots of thick dry smoke. Medium finish. The retro brings a mild white pepper and nuts. A little leather in the background. Nice white ash with A-sharp burn line.

Into the 2nd period the ash holds tight, burn is still razor sharp, and the smoke has turned thick and creamy... very smooth.  The flavors are more well rounded in blending together. Notes of nuts sweet tobacco black pepper zest and a bread note. The retro has softened to a smooth light white pepper with no sting.

In the final 3rd it starts off with toasted nuts and cinnamon a little Baker spice and an oak in the background. Construction is still flawless. The retro is smooth With a slight spice at the end. Still getting that slight zest and bread note every now and then.  Ending the final 3rd the smoke is turning bitter.. Very bitter. Notes have turned to a bitter oak with normal tobacco and cinnamon on the tongue with black pepper on the retro.  The smoke is leaving the mouth dry and needing water. The strength definitely jumps up.

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Charles Ruth

Live in Newport Tennessee. Husband to an amazing woman. Father to three amazing kids. Current President of Ash Hole Cigar Club Tennessee.