Favilli Releases The “Tierra” Small Cigar, FKA Mombachito

Favilli has released its first extension of the Granada Line, a rebranding of the 4½ x 26 Small Cigar formerly known as Mombachito. The first extension of the Granada Line is under the Tierra mark and boasts the same blend as the recently released Tierra, offered in three sizes. Favilli’s Small Cigars are true premium handmade cigars, produced using only long filler tobaccos (tripa larga).

The Tierra Small cigar is offered in 10ct individual Enviro-Packs and is also available in a 50ct offering, which contains five of the individual 10ct boxes bundled in a single display boat. Tierra Small Cigar will be available and shipping in early August.

The center of the core line is the rebranding of the company’s oldest mark, most recently known as Tierra Volcan. This two-dot, purely Nicaraguan cigar offers a complete upgrade to its long history, and its blend intends to pay homage to the Volcanic Soil of Nicaragua and the company’s former expressions of the blend.

Favilli is the name of Granada’s famed mansion completed in 1925 by Italian architect Mario Favilli. It is Granada’s only cigar factory and the world’s oldest neo-classical mansion factory. Favilli is proudly Nicaragua’s most visited cigar factory and Granada’s number one tourist destination, visited by more than 2,000 tourists per year.