Favilli & Fabien Ziegler Announce First “Coffee & Cigars” Release

Favilli & Fabien Ziegler have just announced “Come Around Friends, Enjoy!” •C• as the first installment of their new Coffee & Cigars series. Shipments will be landing in the US the last week of August and in Canada the first week of September. The first letter of each word forms “CAFE” when combined.

The Enviro-Tube holds 10 Petite Corona Nicaraguan Puros in a 4.5″ x 44 format, blending with a half pound of fresh roasted Segovia Single Origin Nicaraguan coffee. The two mingle in their Enviro-Tube, finishing what the pair calls their aging osmosis process. Each bundle of cigars is wrapped in a reusable leather tie and each Enviro-Tube includes a limited edition coaster, Boveda Pack & loose, well-aged tobacco.

When the partnership was first made public, Fabien Ziegler shared that he is “very excited to be bringing this product to market! We have introduced an unconventional style where the very typical Coffee & Cigars pairing is not-so-typical, & traditional products have a not-so-traditional spin. Even the standard use of a name & slogan is trumped by a conversation starter rather than a title. The coffee & cigars released for this Summer solstice are a call to action to those we have friendships with & those new friendships we look forward to. So, ‘Come Around Friends, Enjoy!’, and lets celebrate Nicaragua’s best: Coffee & Cigars!”

Jared Michaeli, President & Co-founder of Favilli, shares that “this line makes so much sense, & traditional products with a not-so-traditional approach is what makes this exciting! One wouldn’t expect anything less from Fabien, & we are simply honored to be his partner in creating this collective. ‘•C•’ is the first of many in the hunt for the world’s unique tobaccos & coffees. The project takes cigar making beyond perfect pairings & gets coffee partners deeply involved in establishing cigar blends, which highlights Nicaragua’s agriculture more precisely as the two marry during their processes. The products & approach are authentically different & highlight the very best pairing: Coffee & Cigars.”