Review: Rittz Evil Twin White (Flavored)

I smoke traditional non flavored premium cigars. I tend to shy away from flavored cigars because they can be overly sweet to the point of disappointment. But this one, while maintaining an amazing array of dessert flavors, did not pack the sweetness punch like I would assume. It was subtle, substantial, and I was blown away to have the retrohale full of pepper and all the notes singing together. The notes were distinct and it was an awesome experience to have. I would love to try this cigar in a slightly bigger ring gauge. If you smoke premium cigars, give this one a try after breakfast or after dessert. It’s a nice treat and will surprise the most seasoned cigar enthusiasts.

The cigars where packed dense, they had visible seems and a nice triple cap. The cigars seemed to be constructed well. It lost points for being a tad bit too snug on the draw. It was work to get smoke flowing. The flavor profile was quite nice to be honest. Dessert flavor notes, spices, and chocolate were present, but didn’t have an overly sweet taste. The tip seemed to be sweetend and it was the lingering sweetness on the tongue.

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Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Habano Wrapper / Binder: Corojo from Esteli (AJ Grown) / Filler: Corojo and Jillapa from Esteli and Jalapa

Factory: Tabacalera Annex/ Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Tootsie Rool – Chocolate Pudding

Bakers Chocolate – light Cyan Pepper

Sweet tip with earthy tones

Cinnamon – Almonds – Buttery Spices

Pepper – Dark Chocolate – Almonds

Toffee – Roasted Almonds – Flan

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Timothy Greene

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