Review: Blackbird Superb

Stallone Alagan Review: The Experience

This cigar was delicious. The retrohale was strong in the 1st half and mellowed slightly in the last. The draw was solid and produced a great amount of chewy smoke. The flavor notes lingered after each puff and meshed well on the retro. I really liked how it was constructed. It was on almost on the soft side, but it had no soft spots. This is a really good cigar. Perfect for an afternoon or evening cigar.

This cigar was on point. It had a perfect combination of construction, draw, flavors and smoke. Beautiful wrapper, great burn line, tight seems, and it had a great hand feel.

Stallone Alagan Review: The Brand

When devising the Blackbird Superb, founder Jonas Santana and his team of blenders aimed to forge a brand that would soar above the rest within their collection of avian-inspired cigars. Thus, they dedicated numerous days to meticulously testing and sampling various blends until they crafted one that surpassed all expectations, earning the moniker “Superb.” This premium cigar boasts a medium-bodied profile and is adorned with a delectable Ecuadorian Habano Maduro wrapper, enveloping a binder and filler composed of tobacco leaves from an undisclosed origin, preserving the blend’s secrecy. Notably, this marks Blackbird’s inaugural venture into utilizing such an exquisite wrapper. Handcrafted at the Blackbird Dominicana Cigar Factory in the Dominican Republic, owned and operated by Santana himself, each Superb cigar exemplifies the pinnacle of craftsmanship and quality.

Stallone Alagan Review: The Elements

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano / Binder: Undisclosed / Filler: Undisclosed

Vitola: Robusto Gordo / Size: 5×54

Factory: Blackbird Dominicana Factory  / Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Stallone Alagan Review: The Body

Light Tobacco

Stallone Alagan Review: The Foot

Dry Cocoa – light Pepper – Cinnamon roll (pre-cooked)

Stallone Alagan Review: The Cold Draw

Light Pepper – Tobacco – Hay

Stallone Alagan Review: First Third

Cedar – Black Pepper – Cashews

Stallone Alagan Review: Second Third

Umami – Light Florals – White Pepper

Stallone Alagan Review: Final Third

Coffee beans – Peppers – Salted Maple

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