Review: Stallone Negro Maduro Toro

This is a strong cigar. If you are looking for deep tobacco flavors with suble sweetness, this cigar is a must try. The richness of the flavors was astounding, even being slightly muted. There were many more flavor notes that were nuanced and I’ll leave you to find them. I was very happy with this cigar and I can say it’s worth every penny.

This cigar has great construction. You can see the mold lines and the veins and seems are prominent. This cigar is not for the faint of heart. The over all construction is wonderful but it got dinged for the draw mostly. It was a tad too tight and the flavors were slightly muted on one sample. Over all the stick is deep, full bodied and great for an after dinner or with a night cap.

Ten years ago, Tony Barrios embarked on an odyssey from Venezuela to Nicaragua, driven by a dream to craft the perfect cigar.  In the heart of Nicaragua, he meticulously sourced materials – from the finest wrappers to the richest fillers – and spent months perfecting his blends.  This dedication birthed a stunning first production: a collection of 10,000 cigars, featuring an array of distinct wrappers including Broadleaf, San Andres, Connecticut, Habano, and Brazilian.  Now, a decade later, these aged treasures are ready to be unveiled.

Wrapper: Undisclosed / Binder: Undisclosed / Filler: Undisclosed

Vitola: Toro / Size: 6×54

Factory: Undisclosed  / Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Dusty Chocolate

Bready – Raisins – Light Musk

Pepper – Earth

Almonds – Cherry Danish – Black Pepper

Roasted Peanuts – Zesty Tobacco – Savory

Charred Oak – Bitter Cherry – Salty Tobacco

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Timothy Greene

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