Cigar Gadget Review: Folding Scissors

I love lavish & fancy cigar accessories as much as the next person, however, I sometimes get just as much joy out of finding a modestly priced cigar accessory that actually performs well… I am very lucky to have hundreds of cigar products and accessories come to my door to be reviewed for Amazon to get a chance to find said diamonds in the rough.


One of those finds for me of late has been folding cigar scissors from KEJIAR, which seems to be an offshoot of the popular budget cigar accessory brand XIFEI. What really endeared me to them is how compact they fold up, pretty much smaller than most of the travel spring guillotine cutters.They fold up cleverly and easily into a nice leather pouch that can fit into any travel humidor or pocket. They are pretty solid and substantial, with a nice black & gold finish. They also perform well, I’m not gonna claim they are razor sharp and snip a perfectly flat cut every time…BUT, as Doug Marcaida would say (shout out to Forged in Fire), “it will cut”… and do so just as good, if not better, than any cutter in this price range ($20ish).


Who would like these scissors??? 

-If you’re someone, like me, who finds simple joy in getting a neat product for a low price.

-If you love gadgets. This is very gadgety, fidgety and well engineered.

-If you like conversation pieces. This is a tool that will bring a laugh or love reaction out of fellow lounge smokers. Either way, there is a good chance someone will ask you about it and either get a good chuckle over it or order one from Amazon on the spot.

-A cigar lover who has it all. They most likely don’t have this. They may have the Xikar version, but IMO this is an upgrade and half the price.

It can be purchased on Amazon or from Xifei’s website. LINK 

As mentioned, I have hundreds of cigar cutters, lighters, gadgets, accessories, humidors, coolidors, etc… I would love to continue to share some of the other gems I’ve gotten here. Comment below if there are any accessories or gadgets you are interested in.