The Unraveling of The LouLiga X Privada Collaboration

PHILADELPHIA – September 7, 2023 – In a surprising turn of events, the partnership between LouLiga Cigar Shop and Privada Cigar Club has taken another unexpected twist, with LouLiga’s recent statement shedding light on the nature of their business relationship.

The cigar enthusiasts’ community was abuzz when Privada Cigar Club announced their collaboration with The LouLiga lounge was coming to an end.

However, the recent separation between these two entities has raised eyebrows and left many wondering about the circumstances behind the split. LouLiga Cigar Shop made a bold statement to “set the record straight”, declaring, ” LouLiga cigar lounge never had a licensing agreement or written contract with Privada. I did all the marketing myself and promotion with no help. I busted my ass, no one else. I paid the same price as all the LCA shops on cigars, so if any shops thought I got treated with favoritism, you’re all wrong. if anyone has any questions, please feel free to inbox me.”

This statement from LouLiga Cigar Shop not only denied the existence of a formal agreement but also emphasized their autonomy in marketing and promotion. The shop insisted that they had operated independently, dispelling any notions of special treatment within the Privada Cigar Club – LCA Network.

Curiously, when we reached out to Brian Desind, a key figure associated with Privada Cigar Club, for a comment on the situation, his response was succinct: “For once, I don’t have a comment.”

The cryptic nature of Brian Desind’s response adds to the intrigue surrounding the separation. As speculation continues to swirl within the cigar community, questions linger about the true nature of the partnership and the reasons behind its dissolution.

While the full details of the LouLiga and Privada Cigar Club separation remain shrouded in mystery, one thing is clear: the cigar world is closely watching as this story unfolds. LouLiga Cigar Shop’s assertion that there was no formal agreement challenges the assumptions made by many, leaving enthusiasts and industry insiders eager for more information.

As both parties maintain their silence, the future of LouLiga Cigar Shop and its standing within the cigar community remains uncertain. Only time will reveal the true nature of this partnership and the events that led to its conclusion. In the meantime, cigar enthusiasts and industry insiders are left with more questions than answers as they await further developments in this intriguing saga.