Experience PrivadaCon 2: Get Your Tickets Before They’re Gone!

Orlando, September 2023 – If you thought PrivadaCon 1 was unforgettable, just wait until you experience PrivadaCon 2! The magic, the laughter, the camaraderie, and the thrill of connecting with fellow cigar enthusiasts are back, and this time, we’re taking it to a whole new level. PrivadaCon 2 promises to be an event like no other, and you won’t want to miss it. But act fast – tickets are selling out quickly!

When and Where?

Join us for an incredible weekend of cigars, camaraderie, and celebration on Friday night, March 8th, 2024, continuing throughout Saturday, and concluding on Saturday evening, March 9th, 2024, in the vibrant city of Orlando.

What’s in Store for You?

At PrivadaCon 2, prepare to indulge in an extraordinary experience:

  1. Our Rarest Cigars of the Year: You get access to 7 of the rarest cigars Privada has ever released, If you can’t attend you can still partake and get two of each cigar with a Non-Attendee Ticket!
  2. Meet Renowned Cigar Manufacturers: Rub shoulders with the titans of the cigar industry and gain valuable insights from seasoned veterans.
  3. Complimentary Spirits: Enjoy complimentary spirits responsibly as you celebrate your love for cigars with the Privada Cigar Club and the Limited Cigar Association.

Reserve Your Spot Now!

Don’t delay – secure your spot at PrivadaCon 2 before it’s too late! Tickets are going fast, and this is your chance to be a part of something truly special.

Can’t Attend in Person?

We’ve got you covered. Even if you can’t make it to PrivadaCon 2, you can still get your hands on the exclusive cigars. Purchase a ticket, and we’ll mail you 14 unique cigars for just $125 the week after the event. Remember, these cigars are one-of-a-kind and won’t be available again. Buying a ticket is the only way to guarantee your access to them. Please note that tickets are non-refundable.

Join us at PrivadaCon 2 for a weekend filled with camaraderie, exceptional cigars, and unforgettable moments. Get your tickets now and make memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience – act fast before tickets are gone!

Head to Privada Cigar Clubs Website to Get your Tickets Today!