Breaking: USPS Chicago Apologizes for Refusing to Ship Cigars

September 7, 2023In a recent incident that left cigar enthusiasts baffled, the United States Postal Service (USPS) in Chicago refused to ship cigars, despite their own rules allowing it. This perplexing situation prompted Aric Bey, a passionate cigar enthusiast, and owner of Black Star Line Cigars, to seek answers and demand accountability from USPS. In response to Aric’s inquiry, USPS issued an email with an apology and a commitment to addressing the issue.

The email, addressed to Aric Bey, reads, “This is in response to your inquiry regarding mailing cigars. Please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience this matter may have caused you.” The acknowledgment of the inconvenience and the subsequent apology show USPS’s recognition of the problem and its impact on customers.

One key point of contention arose when Tamela, Supervisor at the Evergreen Park Station, was contacted regarding Aric’s concern. Ms. Tamela was unequivocally informed that, “Yes, cigars may be mailed domestically.” This statement reaffirms USPS’s own regulations, which clearly permit the shipment of cigars within the United States.

While an apology is no substitute for good service, USPS acknowledged this fact in the email, stating, “An apology is no substitute for good service, but I want to offer one on behalf of the Postal Service. We appreciate your reporting this matter to us. It helps to know the kinds of difficulties our customers have so we can work toward improvements.” This admission of fault and the commitment to improvement highlight USPS’s dedication to providing reliable mail service.

The email further reassures customers that the information provided by Aric will be shared with USPS management as they continue their efforts to improve service performance in the Chicago area. This gesture demonstrates USPS’s intent to learn from its mistakes and ensure that similar issues do not recur in the future.

In conclusion, the refusal to ship cigars by USPS Chicago, despite its own rules permitting it, was met with a sincere apology and a commitment to improving service. Aric Bey’s diligence in reporting the issue serves as a reminder that customer feedback plays a crucial role in driving positive changes in service quality. As USPS works to rectify this situation, it is a testament to their ongoing dedication to providing safe and reliable mail service to customers in the Chicago region. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact USPS, as they remain committed to addressing customer needs.

Without the USPS, online cigars would face a greater challenge than the FDA or even taxes in some cases. This is certainly not a step in the right direction. Brian Desind, Privada Cigar Club founder had this to say: “Without USPS, as far as I’m concerned, Privada Cigar Club will not be in business very long. This would destroy lives, jobs and have tremendous impact on our community”.


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Credit: @blackstarlinecigars (Instagram)