Twin Pines by Jochy Blanco

Stallone Alagan Review: The Experience

I liked this cigar. It was a good experience to have a pressed cigar have a decent draw and good smoke output, for being on the small side. I appreciated the notes that I was able to pull from the smoke. The cherry Juice almost had a syrupy feel to it. The cigar was evenly packed with minimal veins. the wrapper was even for the most part except for where the band would go. It was a bit darker there. The construction brought the score down, but the flavor notes kept it in a great ball park. This blend is solid. Its worth at least a few experiences with it. It wont disappoint your palette. These cigars will pair well with Wild Turkey 101.

Stallone Alagan Review: The Brand

Tabacalera Palma, developed in 1925, remains an embodiment of the legacy of the family that founded it. Established by José Arnaldo Blanco II, Palma was one of the first cigar manufacturing operations in the Dominican Republic. Today, his son José Arnoldo “Jochy” Blanco III is a highly regarded figure in the premium cigar industry, renowned for his and expertise. Under his leadership, Tabacalera Palma has become a leading manufacturer, producing top-quality cigars for esteemed brands.

Known for his meticulous attention to detail and commitment to sustainability, Blanco combines traditional techniques with modern innovation to create cigars that showcase the rich flavors of the finest tobacco leaves. The family’s tobacco heritage can be traced at least as far back as the 1800’s, when Jochy’s Grandfather, Manuel Blanco Lozada, made his way from Spain to the Dominican Republic. Jochy’s passion for preserving the Dominican cigar-making tradition has earned him widespread recognition and numerous awards, solidifying Tabacalera Palma’s reputation as a respected name in the cigar world.

Stallone Alagan Review: The Elements

Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés / Binder: Dominican / Filler: Dominican

Vitola: Robusto Bos-Pressed / Size: 5 x 50

Factory: Tabacalera Palma / Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Stallone Alagan Review: The Body

Zesty manure, earthy

Stallone Alagan Review: The Foot

Unroasted coffee beans, light raisins

Stallone Alagan Review: The Cold Draw

Roasted coffee beans, tobacco

Stallone Alagan Review: First Third

Light chocolate, salted almonds, cherry juice, nougat, floral

Stallone Alagan Review: Second Third

Cedar, black pepper, salty, light vanilla

Stallone Alagan Review: Final Third

Sweet tobacco, BBQ char, saltiness, black pepper

Timothy W. Greene

Has been rolling, smoking, and enjoying cigars since 2017. “Cigars combine flavors, it’s up to us to discover each one.”

Timothy W. Greene

Has been rolling, smoking, and enjoying cigars since 2017. “Cigars combine flavors, it’s up to us to discover each one.”