Meerapfel Pledges All Proceeds of New Master Blend To Humanitarian Aid

With a clear knack for polished presentation, Meerapfel Cigar has just revealed the latest addition to their distinguished Master Blend Series. The collection – and the family’s screenplay worthy story – has been covered extensively since the Richard Master Blend began shaking up the luxury cigar conversation last Summer. Followed by the release of the Meir Master Blend a short time later, and as a result of the early disclosure of unreleased band art, it was assumed by many that each blend in the Series would continue to be named after people. Defying expectations on multiple levels, this new blend is about far more than the legacy of any one individual. It won’t be made available for commercial release, but will be donated for special charitable causes.

At Switzerland’s 3 Michelin Star Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville de Crissier, those present for a unique philanthropic epicurean experience witnessed the unveiling of the new Création de Coeur cigar. Created from the heart, as its name describes, all proceeds of this unique 5.25 x 52 “Pyramides d’entraide” vitola will be contributed to the Morija organization – organizers and hosts of the evening’s events. Reinhard Pohorec, Vice President Meerapfel Cigar, and Yann Monbaron of Tabashop Montreux made the presentation of the very first Création de Coeur chest. “By donating this UberLuxury Création de Coeur, Meerapfel hopes to further harness the power to do good in this world. We believe that by sharing our passion, opening our hearts and our resources, we make a real difference in the lives of others,” explained Pohorec.

Known the cigar world over for their Cameroon wrapper tobacco expertise and resources, the 400+ year old Meerapfel legacy is today navigated, preserved, and continually built upon by the family’s 11th generation. Morija is a non-profit NGO that was founded in 1979, and they too are trying to leave something worthwhile behind. Working to provide essential assistance to vulnerable populations in Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Togo, and Chad, their stated areas of focus include nutrition, water sanitation, health/hygiene, education and rural development. Jeremiah Meerapfel, President of the Meerapfel Companies, writes that “we are blessed with the ability to help others. It is our mission, pleasure and most important obligation to continue doing so from strength to strength!” 

To learn more about Morija and their efforts to transform lives in sub-Saharan Africa, please visit their website.