Sinistro Unveiling Special Dominican Broadleaf Wrapped Cigar At TPE

Sinistro Cigars, based out of the same city host to this week’s Total Products Expo, has just announced a new 10th anniversary cigar – Coast To Coast. For this initial run, only 300 boxes of 10 have been produced. Behind the scenes, the Sinistro team patiently waited 3 full years for there to be enough of their ideal tobacco to craft this initial run. Prior to that, The Rodriguez Family¬†spent 6 entire years guiding the unique Dominican Broadleaf tobacco used in this project to what it is now. That there simply isn’t enough raw material available to make as many as they want will almost certainly add to the allure of this project – as will the reality that they may never be able to release it as a regular production offering, even though that is their desire.

Coleman Fine shared that “the pure grade on this is like no other, most pure grades are singular with the same flavor notes constantly shining through on your palate. When James and I tried the pure grade of Dominican Broadleaf, there was no singular flavor profile, its as though you can smoke just this wrapper alone and it would make a fantastic cigar.” The binder is Dominican Criollo ’98, and the filler tobaccos listed as Nicaragua, Pennsylvania, Piloto Cubano, and Criollo ’98. Launching in both a Toro and Robusto, suggested retail will be $13.20 and $14.20 depending on the size. Boxes are priced accordingly and will ship out to retailers immediately after the Expo concludes.