Casa 1910 Introduces New Soldadera Edition Crafted At Tabacalera LA iSLA

The team at Casa 1910 has just introduced a brand new line this week in – The Soldadera Edition. The fresh lineup – consisting of three new and unique blends – gained its inspiration from the women who fought in the Mexican Revolution. Consisting of tobaccos from Mexico and the Dominican Republic, the cigars are named Sampetrina, Teniente Angela and La Coronela.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the Soldadera Edition as our latest offering,” said Casa 1910’s founder, “the cigars in this line are a celebration of the strength, courage, and determination of the women who played a vital role in shaping Mexico’s history.”  The press release for this new line explains that “there were also the women who accompanied the soldiers in their caravans, dedicating themselves to cook food, serve as nurses and being the last hope for soldiers who were wounded in battle, and if necessary, they would assist fallen guerillas, taking their weapons, and firing at the enemy.” These blends were created to to embody that fighting spirit.

The Sampetrina is a 5 x 50 Robusto that utilizes a Connecticut wrapper, Dominican binder, and filler from Mexico and the Dominican Republic. The Teniente Angela is a 6 x 52 Toro featuring a Habano wrapper, binder from Mexico and the Dominican Republic, and filler from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. La Coronela is a 5.5 x 58 “Majestuosos” format cigar that also has a Habano wrapper. The binder is from Brazil and filler from Mexico and the Dominican Republic. All three blends will sell in boxes of 10 and are shipping out to retailers at the conclusion of this week’s Total Product Expo in Las Vegas.