Favilli Launches Timely Spy Balloon Themed Factory Blend Arrangement

Seizing on the moment and providing cigar heads with a unique opportunity at the same time, Favilli has opened up pre-orders for their new Factory Blend CSB. While these 5 x 52 Torpedos were crafted exclusively for tours, a limited quantity are being made available to the general cigar public. Each pack consists of 5 cigars, as well as a sticker bearing the image of an “official” balloon recovery license.

While no information has been released about the blend itself, there may be no better current example of where cigar culture has been expanding to than this particular project. Without a mouth-watering name or nostalgic cartoon graphics to complain about, the CSB is an ideal poster product for conveying the larger idea of cigars as memes. This pop-up art show, sneaker drop, secret concert type of experience is not for everyone, but those who seek it out are enjoying an unprecedented era of being listened to by the brands they connect with. Get yours here while they are still accepting orders.