Caldwell The King Is Dead Escape Plan

This cigar looks great. The seams and pig tale are wrapped nice and tight. The color is consistent across the entire wrapper. The construction presents an ideal firmness that is neither over packed or too soft. It was a good smoke, and it paired well with the coffee and cream that I had with it. This cigar is a great one for brunch or for a midafternoon smoke break. I will say that if you lean towards milder cigars, this one you can enjoy during any part of the day.

Wrapper: Dominican, Negrito Mejorado/ Binder: Dominican / Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan, Peruvian

Vitola: Autopilot / Size: 7 × 48 

Factory: Tabacalera William Ventura / Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Cocoa - Hay

Straw must - Raisins

Hay - Old Barn

As I lit this cigar up I first got notes of mixed nuts and char. The over all flavor profile seemed buttery. There was a good amount of black pepper on the retro hale and the tongue was tingling from it. That profile stayed true until the transition to the 2nd third. The burn and draw were great and it didn't need any touch up's.

The flavors were still present, the mixed nuts with the buttery-ness, but oak came in and rounded the flavors out. Black pepper still on the retro hale and there was still a good bit of char. These flavors started to mesh well with each other into the final 3rd. It did have to but touched up one but that's how box-pressed cigars go. The draw was on point.

I was hoping for a bigger transition into the final third, It didn't come. But, I was content because it seemed to come alive in the last minutes. The flavors were bolder and came across with a good bit of strength. no touch up's needed and the draw was still on point.

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Timothy W. Greene

Has been rolling, smoking, and enjoying cigars since 2017. "Cigars combine flavors, it's up to us to discover each one".