LFD’s Golden NFT Cigars Now Available Starting At $200 Each

La Flor Dominicana has just announced that winning retailers are now offering The Golden NFT cigar. Back in August, LFD auctioned off 7 NFTs for a grand total of over $600,000. In addition to the custom humidor and 50 special cigars, The Golden NFT project allows the 7 owners to purchase up to 70 additional cigars each month in perpetuity. At most, there will only ever be 5880 of these cigars permitted to leave the factory each year – with the exception of this year, due to the 50 cigars included in each humidor won in the auctions. Whether any are sold again after that is up to each NFT holder. Until now, the 42 x 6.25” Lonsdale – a private version of the Andalusian Bull – has only been smoked by Litto and Tony Gomez, and their friends.

So far, the cigars are being sold individually, in 5-packs, and as boxes of 14. Right now, 6 official distributors are asking as much as $200 for a single cigar, 875 for a pack of 5, and 2100 for a box of 14. While they last, Son’s Cigar Shop in Pennsylvania, also a part of the Limited Cigar Association, is offering the cigar at their store and online. The same goes for Jack Schwartz Importer in Chicago, a shop located in the lobby of the Chicago Board of Trade that has been selling cigars to cigar lovers since 1921. Cigarz On The Avenue in Orlando, as well as Mane Street Cigars in New Jersey will be selling them, but neither appear to be doing so online. Cigar Country out of the Dominican Republic, as well as another site called Unicorn Smokes, are making their allotments available online. It is up to each individual NFT owner to establish pricing, so expect to see some variation.

Will you be seeking this cigar out? Looking forward to comparing and contrasting this special version and the regular production Andalusian Bull? Any thoughts on NFTs or Crypto? Please let everyone know in the comments below!