CLE x LCA Shipping Limited Edition Reserva Vintage 2022 This Month

For the second year in a row, it has been announced that the Limited Cigar Association will be releasing an LCA Reserva Vintage cigar in collaboration with Christian Eiroa and CLE. Grown on the same land as the tobacco featured in last year’s release, the latest iteration of the Reserva Vintage series joins the 2021 in providing enthusiasts an opportunity to experience the depth of Eiroa’s Honduran terroir firsthand.

“For LCA Reserva, we wanted to present these cigars in a way that showcases our true respect for these cigars and the masters of craft who are responsible for bringing them to life. That respect has always been there, but LCA Reserva felt like the right project through which to visually showcase it. Using more sustainable materials will hopefully inspire other companies to rethink the way they package cigars and what happens to the packaging once it is consumed as well,” explained Clark Thornton, Director of The LCA.

By the time each 6 x 44 Lonsdale is ready to be boxed up, the tobaccos chosen for each year’s assembly have undergone at least three years of fermenting and aging prior to being rolled. A little over 1500 boxes – created using sustainable materials and processes – of the LCA Reserva Vintage 2021 were produced. Each box contains 25 cigars individually encased in recyclable coffins. No changes have been made to the box art or band design for this year’s release, save for an update to reflect the current year. Reach out to your local LCA shop to find out if they’re already taking pre-orders.

Christian recently sat down with Brian Desind for a conversation lasting over an hour. Formatted less like a traditional interview, and more like two colleagues talking shop, they very candidly cover a wide range of topics. You’ll find out what makes Eiroa Corojo so special. We learn why CLE uses tissue paper instead of cellophane. Christian even touches on their new approach to connecting with cigar heads on social media, something Cigar Public showcased earlier this year. Of course, you’ll also find out more about the Reserva Vintage 2022. That video is available below or at this link.

“The focus for LCA Reservas will always be on producing the best cigar possible using only one year of crop from a single farming estate,” Desind shared during the original launch. “We are proud to have been able to collaborate with Christian on this project, and are grateful to him for digging into his tobacco reserves and producing what can only be described as an exceptional cigar,” he added. LCA retailers are expected to have the 2022 in stock by early December,

Have you tried the LCA Reserva Vintage 2022? Do you have a favorite CLE cigar? Let everyone know in the comments below!