J.C. Newman Helps Commemorate Disability Pride Month

So much of how we perceive the world around us is influenced by the manner in which we navigate it. If all of existence felt to you as if it had been designed for someone else, that could have a big impact on how you see yourself. Fortunately, families like the one at the helm of J.C. Newman see a world made for all of us.

Though their historic El Reloj cigar factory is 112 years old, it is fully accessible to people with disabilities. “It is very important to my family and me that everyone feels welcome at El Reloj so that we can share Tampa’s 137-year-old cigar-making tradition with as many people as possible,” says Drew Newman, 4th generation owner & General Counsel.

As part of a renewed focus on accessibility during Disability Pride Month, Visit Tampa Bay partnered with local influencers with disabilities and made a visit to El Reloj. One of the visitors, Emily Rowley, was born without hands and showcases on social media how she does everything with her feet.

Newman shares “I love how premium cigars bring people together.  It doesn’t matter who you are, your age, race, religion, education, or even the language you speak, if you enjoy cigars, we can be friends.  Cigar lounges around the world prove this everyday by welcoming people of diverse backgrounds.  In today’s hyper partisan world, there aren’t many traditions as welcoming and inclusive as premium cigars.” Disability Pride Month occurs in the United States every July to commemorate the passing of the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in July 1990.