Mess Hall: Bacon Cheeseburger Sloppy Joe

You know when you come across a meal, and after you finish eating it, you sit back and go, “Oh yeah, that hit the spot”? Today, we’re talking about just such a meal: Bacon Cheeseburger Sloppy Joes. This pairing feels as natural as peanut butter and jelly, or in our case, whiskey and cigars! Plus, with the rain coming and going for weeks, instead of getting drenched at the grill, this seemed like the perfect indoor compromise.

This dish captures the beloved messiness of a sloppy joe, evoking nostalgic childhood memories, but with the added indulgence of a creamy, savory bacon cheeseburger. And really, who can say no to bacon? Well, maybe for health or religious reasons, and in that case, skip the bacon—no judgment here.

Bacon Cheeseburger Sloppy Joe

1 ½ lbs ground beef

8 slices bacon, chopped

½ yellow onion, chopped

½ cup ketchup

¼ cup tomato paste

1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce

1 Tbsp Dijon mustard

½ cup beef broth

2 cups sharp cheddar, cubed

6 hamburger buns


  1. In a large skillet cook the bacon on medium heat for 2-3 minutes or until crispy but still bendable. Remove the bacon from the pan but keep the bacon grease in the pan.

2. Add onions and cook 4-5 minutes, until softened. Add the beef, lower the heat to medium and cook well, breaking it apart but leaving some chunks about the size of raspberry or small grape.

3. Cook well until browned, then add ketchup, tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, and beef broth. Stir well, continue to cook until the sauce starts to evaporate, and the mixture becomes “sloppy”, about 5-6 minutes.

4. Add in the chunks of cheddar and cooked bacon crumbles a minute before serving and stir slightly to melt the cheese into little puddles.

Pairing: The BBQ Pig by Quesada

Pairing this delectable dish with a cigar calls for something special, and the BBQ Pig by Quesada fits the bill perfectly. This stick is an LCA Exclusive from Privada and is an outstanding choice to complement this meal. It comes in a pig vitola with a 60 ring gauge, which is a bit larger than my usual preference, but the flavor profile of this amazing stick is simply too good to pass up.

The BBQ Pig boasts a tantalizing blend of white pepper, earthy undertones, and a generous mix of BBQ spices. Its medium strength and robust spice profile create a delightful contrast to the creamy, savory goodness of the Bacon Cheeseburger Sloppy Joe. This pairing is a true symphony of flavors, bringing together the best of both worlds for an unforgettable dining and smoking experience.

Tyler Steitz

After a memorable 8-year tenure in the Marine Corps, Tyler transitioned to civilian life in 2021. His journey into the realm of cigars began in 2012, as an ignorant 18-year-old stepping into a local cigar lounge to savor his inaugural cigar, Romeo Y Julieta 1875.

For the past 7 years, Tyler has cultivated a deep appreciation for the art of cigar smoking. When he’s not immersed in the rich flavors of a well-crafted cigar, Tyler can be found orchestrating events in a catering kitchen as an events manager or helping raise his three children alongside his supportive wife. With a penchant for pairing cigars with a fine cup of coffee or glass of bourbon, Tyler Steitz brings a unique perspective to the online cigar community, blending his military background and culinary expertise into a captivating journey through the world of premium cigars.