Cigars and Camaraderie: The Unspoken Bond Between the United States Military and Premium Cigars

Cigars and Camaraderie: The Unspoken Bond Between the United States Military and Premium Cigars

In the vast tapestry of military life, where every moment holds its own challenge and triumph, tobacco has etched its presence in various forms. The infantry grunt, after a grueling patrol, finds solace in a cigarette, while a mechanic toiling under the desert sun with a Humvee opts for snus during preventative maintenance. Yet, among these varied tobacco indulgences, cigars occupy a special niche in the cherished traditions of the United States Military.

A Ritual of Shared Experiences:

Cigars go beyond mere tobacco indulgence; they embody a ritual of shared experiences, weaving a thread of camaraderie that permeates military life. The milestones within a servicemember’s journey are marked by moments of shared triumph over challenges, promotions, and retirements. The significance of these events is elevated by the ceremonial act of lighting a cigar, creating enduring memories that echo the experiences of generations past.

Recalling the day I earned the rank of Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, the chevrons pinned to my chest by my father, I vividly remember lighting up an Alec Bradley Tempus in Maduro. It was not just a smoke break; it was a moment of reflection and anticipation for the challenges that lay ahead.

Finding Normalcy in the Field:

In the field, where servicemembers execute the craft of their specific Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), finding a moment for relaxation is a challenge. Whether huddled with friends in the smoke pit or bracing against the cold, smoking a cigar in the field becomes a precious semblance of normalcy amid controlled chaos. I kept a water-tight container filled with cigars and humidity packs, sharing them with comrades whenever an opportunity arose.

Formal Events and Celebrations:

Formal military events provide another canvas for celebrating with cigars. Moments like the Marine Corps Ball, with its grandeur and tradition, are epitomized by the careful extraction of a cutter, lighter, and a special cigar. For such occasions, a few Ave Maria Reconquista’s would be meticulously kept on hand.

A Testament to Enduring Spirit:

As we delve into the profound connection between the U.S. military and premium cigars, it becomes evident that these aromatic companions play a crucial role in the shared experiences, camaraderie, and rituals that define military life. Beyond the difficulties and stress inherent in military service, the affinity for cigars stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the men and women who serve and sacrifice for their country. In the curls of cigar smoke, the indomitable bond among those who wear the uniform persists, creating moments of solace, celebration, and connection amidst the challenges of duty.

Tyler Steitz

Introducing Tyler Steitz, a seasoned connoisseur in the world of premium cigars. After a memorable 8-year tenure in the Marine Corps, Tyler transitioned to civilian life in 2021. His journey into the realm of cigars began in 2012, as an ignorant 18-year-old stepping into a local cigar lounge to savor his inaugural cigar, Romeo Y Julieta 1875.

For the past 7 years, Tyler has cultivated a deep appreciation for the art of cigar smoking. When he’s not immersed in the rich flavors of a well-crafted cigar, Tyler can be found orchestrating events in a catering kitchen as an events manager or helping raise his three children alongside his supportive wife. With a penchant for pairing cigars with a fine cup of coffee or glass of bourbon, Tyler Steitz brings a unique perspective to the online cigar community, blending his military background and culinary expertise into a captivating journey through the world of premium cigars.