Mickey Mouse Cigar: The 1928 by Privada Cigar Club

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Unveiling the 1928 Mickey Mouse Cigar: A Game-Changer in the Cigar Industry

In a blend of pop culture and high-end cigars, Privada Cigar Club has rolled out the 1928 cigar. This release is not only stirring up excitement in the cigar community but is also causing a frenzy among Disney fans. With its nostalgic homage to Disney’s legendary character, this cigar is quickly being acclaimed as a collector’s treasure and an essential addition for enthusiasts everywhere.

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The Creation of the Mickey Mouse Cigar

Brian Desind, the mind behind Privada Cigar Club, Led this project. His vision was to create a product that would captivate both cigar enthusiasts and Disney fans. “This is a historic moment in the cigar world,” Desind says. “For the first time ever, a pop icon is featured on a cigar, and our company, based right here in Disney’s HQ, Orlando, is at the heart of it.”

The 1928 4-pack, named after the year Mickey Mouse made his debut, has become an instant bestseller. “We can’t keep them in stock,” Desind adds. “Disney fans are going crazy over it.” The cigar’s packaging features vintage Mickey Mouse imagery, evoking a sense of nostalgia and timeless charm.

Insights from Brian Desind

Your Inspiration

When asked about the inspiration behind the Mickey Mouse cigar, Desind shared, “I’m an artist, and my passion for art, especially in fashion, has always intersected with iconic brands like Disney. Think about collaborations with Gucci, Kith, Iceberg, LV – the list is endless. I also sell tobacco. Now, I know a collaboration cigar with these brands seems impossible due to the pressure from anti-tobacco groups on large corporations. But when I saw an opportunity, I seized it. Cigars need to be embedded in pop culture to avoid becoming marginalized or even outlawed. This move isn’t just about selling cigars; it’s about shaking up the scene, making cigars relevant and exciting. It’s time to move cigar culture from the sidelines into the mainstream.”

Desind emphasized the balance between nostalgia and sophistication, stating, “First off, let’s be clear – that’s not Mickey Mouse, it’s Steamboat Willie for legal purposes. Now, let’s talk about balance. There wasn’t anything to balance. I selected a blend and cigar that has already proven itself in our collection. The focus was on ensuring the packaging color complemented the cigar perfectly. My goal was to create something that anyone, from novices to masters, could smoke and instantly recognize as an amazing cigar.”

Challenges Faced

On the challenges faced, Desind remarked, “Product development is second nature to me. This project is just one of the hundred I’ll roll out this year. For us, these things come naturally and effortlessly.”

Addressing the legal and ethical concerns, he commented, “Now that’s a great question. Listen, my products are strictly for adults and sold only in adult-only environments. I have nothing to feel bad about. If a teenager has $50, they won’t be spending it on hand-rolled premium cigars. Regarding the legal aspect, I can’t predict what actions might be taken. But this isn’t a product that will be available forever. Everything I do is limited edition. About 99% of my products are limited. So in the end, it’s more about creating a memorable experience. Maybe we’ll release it again someday if we can recreate the cigar. Cigar making is becoming increasingly challenging due to the availability and cost of quality ingredients.”

Mickey Mouse Cigar - Stylized 2

The Role of the LCA

Clark Thornton, Director of the Limited Cigar Association (LCA), played a crucial role in this project. “LCA takes pride in having its finger on the pulse of the cigar community, and the opportunity to produce a cigar bearing one of animation’s most beloved characters was both an exciting and natural development,” Thornton explained.

He sees this product influencing future collaborations between pop culture and the cigar industry. “Releases like 1928, which showcase a remarkable blend of tobaccos coupled with nostalgic and collectible packaging, demonstrate that there is fun to be had with cigars. More traditional presentations are certainly one way to demonstrate appreciation for the craft of cigars, and presentations that pull in pop culture are just a different way of showcasing that appreciation for tobacco. I hope that this release serves to illustrate that a mix of pop culture and tradition in cigars is to be celebrated.”

The response from the LCA community has been extremely positive. “The response to 1928 has been simply outstanding both in terms of the presentation and the smoking experience behind it,” Thornton added.

The Legal and Ethical Implications

Using Mickey Mouse—a character inextricably linked with Disney—on a cigar ignites a firestorm of legal and ethical dilemmas. Despite “Steamboat Willie,” Mickey Mouse’s 1928 image, now being in the public domain, the debate over the legality and morality of leveraging such an iconic figure in this unconventional context persists.

Brian Desind is acutely aware of these contentious issues, seeing them as part of the product’s allure. “Does Disney know? Even though it’s public domain, is it really legal? Is it moral?” he ponders. These provocative questions spark a broader dialogue about the appropriateness of repurposing beloved characters for products outside their traditional realms.

Perspectives from Cigar Enthusiasts

Todd Farrell:

“Funny you should ask…I review products for Amazon, the same week the cigar was released I was given a Steamboat Willie watch from Citizen. Surprisingly it was an official Disney collab since SW became public domain. To me that said Disney was prepared for a surge in image use as pop culture. Knowing that, it was no surprise Privada used the image since they have a strong foresight on pop culture trends. And that’s how I viewed it, not as an association of Disney or their younger market but as a pop culture reference geared towards a nostalgic embrace from the older fans (plus let’s be honest, most people under 40 aren’t aware of SW).”

Joseph Kenney:

 “It’s funny you say Mickey Mouse Cigar, because when I saw that very old vintage image of Steamboat Willie I guess I basically saw a Mickey Mouse resemblance but what I really was focusing on was the very vintage feel to the image. It seems pretty evident to me at least that the maker of the band was going for that old nostalgia vibe for this cigar.”

Eric Huertas:

“I think Mickey Mouse as a cigar is a great idea. The transition of a Mickey into the public domain allows people to start experimenting with artwork, and it is cool to see in the cigar industry.”

John Cardenas

“The theme is on brand with what Privada does which is using nostalgic artwork or themes. Brian sometimes uses controversial artwork and themes which is great to get people talking about the cigar. I’m not sure if it’s done intentionally or unintentionally, but it works to promote the cigar. I would personally not use that theme on a cigar.”

Tyler Steitz

 “I don’t have any problem with it. It’s now public domain and it’s all fair use, as I understand it. The association doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the cigar. There are a ton of cigars and cigar bands that draw inspiration from other sources. The merits of the cigar are on the cigar alone.”

Wrapping It Up

The 1928 by Privada Cigar Club is not just a cigar; it’s an explosive blend of history, nostalgia, and pop culture, shaking up the conventions of both the cigar and entertainment worlds. This is poised to open doors for new, exciting collaborations, redefining the possibilities within the luxury product sphere.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates as this saga unfolds. For now, the 1928 by Privada Cigar Club maybe the start of a new shift in cigars intertwining recognizable characters with cigars.

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