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This article is to highlight events, cigars and booze that are anticipated. It’s in no way a full list. If you know of anything that others in our lifestyle would like to know about feel free to drop the information in the comments section. I know I will and others appreciate the details. 


    • Premium Cigar Association- (Trade Show March 22-25) This event is for retailers, brands, manufactures, brokers, suppliers and media. It’s not open for the public. This event is where brands go to share the new cigars, pipes, tobacco and the like is displayed. Proceeds from this event will help support the cause of the organzion. If you are not familiar with their mission it’s “The Premium Cigar Association (PCA) is the leading authority and advocate for the premium cigar and pipe retailer industry. The PCA is dedicated to the current and future success of brick and mortar premium tobacconists. Founded in 1933 as the Retail Tobacco Dealers of America, the PCA is the largest, most active, and longest-running trade association which represents specialty tobacco retailers, and supports manufacturers and partners in the industry.” Home : Representing Premium Tobacco since 1933. PCA. (2023, November 2). https://premiumcigars.org/
    • Privada Conference 2 (March 8th – 9th) This is the second Privada Con. If you had the privilege of attending the first one you will remember the great time of laughter, cigar smoking and community. This was an event where you got to meet or even have a cigar with blenders such as Santana, Espinosa and Stulac. It’s a great time to enjoy the Privada community in person not just virtually on discord. Maybe that’s why it’s a full weekend this year. They will have great cigars, giveaways, blenders and sponsors such as Boveda, Liquid Death and Dusse. There will be great deals on cigars like there was last time. If you have the ability to make it go! If not make sure to make the next one. If you come early we can meet up Thursday in Ybor city. I will be there at the JC Newman factory partaking in the Tour, Cigar Rolling and tasting class. It’s sure to be memorable event. I look forward to seeing you there.
    • Charlotte Cigar Week (April 23- 28) – I have not had the opportunity to attend this event, but I know many who are planning on attending. The 23rd will be themed Nicaragua Nights. 24th will be the  Party Gras 80’s theme. The 25th Fabrica De Puro Amiamo Fumare. 26th K.I.S.S. 27th The Little Havana Fest Smoke in The City. 28th Aroma Therapy. If you attend this event feel free to email [email protected] with details about the experience. We would love to hear about it, and if your brave write up an article to share with others how it was.


  • High West Distillery Bottled in Bond
    • This is their inauguration of bottle in bond. They are well known for their award winning A Midwinter Nights Dram along with many other bottles.
      • This bottle recently became available, and you may want to get this bottle as soon as possible if you are a High West Distillery fan. It’s a 100 % Pot Made Still Rye in accordance with the standards laid out by the bottle in Bond Act of 1897. Aged a minimum of 4 year with a 100 proof bottling in a federally bonded warehouse.
      • Notes: Toasted Brioche, Spiced Pear Jam, Apples with Sage and Wildflower Honey.
  • Clear Water Distillery Limited Edition 7 Year Barrel Strength Rye Whiskey (Available February 9th 2024)
    • They only produced 450 bottles of this limited run whiskey. Below are the notes according to the distillery.
      • Nose: Parline, Butterscotch, Carmel
      • Pallet: Cedar, Leather, Cinnamon, Spice, Clove
      • Finish: American Oak, Peppercorn
      • Mood: Triumphant, Content
      • Setting: Best enjoyed after a long day, or around a fire.

If you stop by the distillery make sure to check out the newly opened walk in humidor.



      • Only 2500, 15 count boxes will be created of this exclusive brand. The Avo Expressions line of cigars was created with the purpose of collaborating with individuals who are true experts in their craft, following in the footsteps of the late Avo Uvezian, the founder of AVO Cigars. Avo Uvezian was a musician and composer who later life skillfully channeled his musical genius into the creation of cigars that reflected his creative talents. From the streets of Harlem all the way to The White House, legendary artist, DJ, and photographer, Derrick “D-Nice” Jones, has moved millions via his revolutionary virtual “Club Quarantine.” His global influence has been acknowledged repeatedly, including as a nominee for Time Magazine’s “2020 Person of the Year” and being named the NAACP Image Awards 2021 “Entertainer of The Year”.
    • Tatuaje – They have a collaboration as mentioned in the following My Father section. The brand also releases cigars that are anticipated such as the TAA/PCA which benefit the organizations that help fight for cigar smokers right to enjoy the lifestyle. A percentage of the cigar sale goes to help combat the regulations the threaten our hobby. If you have not noticed the regulators, and their desire to kill the tobacco industry it’s wild. Supporting PCA and TAA is essential to keeping our hobby alive.
    • My Father – If you are a fan of Tatuaje and My Father you will be excited for this collaboration coming soon La Union. If you don’t know the story of  José “Pepin” Garcia it’s one you should look into. This cigar celebrates the relationship between him and Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars. There will be two box sets one being red, and the other being black. Only having 1,500 of each box put onto the market which includes a Xikar cutter. The cigars created by Don Pepin will have an open foot, and the ones blended by Pete Johnson will have a closed foot. They will be utilizing Pelo de oro leaf in these blends with binder and filler from Nicaragua grown by the Garcias. It will have an msrp of $60 each cigar. For more detail give it a google.
    • Crowned Heads – If you are familiar with this brand it’s one that got peoples attention. I enjoy their Jericho Hill and La Careme often. Mil Dias is another fan favorite. If you are one of those fans brace yourself. They are coming out with the Mil Dias Maduro for you maduro lovers. Wrapper: Grade A Connecticut Broadleaf, Binder: Habano, Filler: Nicaraguan (Viso Jalapa, Ligero Condega, and Seco Ometepe) I do love me a good Broadleaf cigar.
    • Quesada Cigars –  They are celebrating 50 Years making premium cigars. To celebrate they are coming out with a limited-edition cigar The Quesada 50th Anniversary.  The Quesada 50th Anniversary cigar is blended with different tobacco seeds from four different countries. They will have it available in a toro and perfecto vitola ranging from $17 – $19 MSRP. They will have a limited production, so make sure to get it before they are gone.
    • Fuente & Padrón – These are brands that are well known sought after and enjoyed by many. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions about the collaboration. There has been delays for the release of this anticipated project and we are crossing our fingers that it will come out this year. The collaboration is one to honor their fathers who are legends in the cigar industry. Each brand is creating a cigar in memory of their fathers with a box having 10 cigars from each Padron and Fuente making it a 20 count box. As I searched online I have saw the price for this box listed for $2,000 or more. I hope you can justify putting that on your credit card to the wife, or hopefully you have deep pockets.
    • Privada Cigar Club – If you watch their social media, you will know that they did a collaboration with Benny the Butcher. The new video dropped of this months behind the box got me excited for this months releases. Titan De Bronze, Benny the Butcher and a mystery one in the rare box. Then Brians box featuring a Stallone take over. It was four cigars with 10 years of age on them from when he first started his brand. These are not aged in a humidor or cooler. These have been aged in an aging room at the factory. I mean if this doesn’t get you excited to sign up I don’t know what will.
    • Apostate Cigars – If you are not familiar with the brand check out the article Jonose wrote about the brand, and its origins.  I believe this is one of the fastest growing boutique cigar brands with a growing number of new cigars being added to the line. The two new cigars coming from the brand are Moroni’s Trumpet torpedo vitola San Andres oscuro wrapper, Dominican olor binder filler blend including Connecticut broadleaf, and The Endowment toro vitola Connecticut Desflorado wrapper, Connecticut broadleaf binder, fillers from Dominican Republic, Mexico and Pennsylvania. If you have not had their other cigars, I highly recommend you try them for yourself to see why they are a growing name in the industry. 
    • Room 101 – After Matt Booths sale to the big company many wondered if the quality would go down? Please comment your thoughts about this situation. One thing I got conformation on was that Room 101 will continue to work with AJ Fernandez on the Anniversary series. Thank God! I love those sticks, and I’m happy to hear it’s going to continue. Word on the street is that Room 101 will be remaking well loved OG sticks such as the Little Big Delicious LBD, Uncle Lee, Chief Cool Arrow and the such. Will they be as good as the OG? I’ll let you decide that for yourself. Keep an eye out later this year for the drops.   
    • Dead Leaf Cigar Club – They will be dropping their first ever stick Diversity The Cigar this sticks name is to highlight their mission. It’s about the community of people who enjoy the leaf together regardless of where you come. It’s a family of cigar smoking individuals, and connecting on a deeper level. Diversity is being made with a known boutique brand. It’s a 6×52 Broadleaf Maduro with a Nicaraguan / Dominican Binder and filler. If interested in getting one of these message them on Instagram Dead Leaf Cigar Club

In conclusion there are a lot of things happening in the industry. I’m excited for everything 2024 has to offer for us. Don’t focus on the negative happening, but look forward to the great things on the horizon. I hope you have a great day and 2024!

John Cardenas

I’m John Cardenas, also known as Johnny Havana in the cigar industry. What I love about being involved with Cigar Public is that I have the opportunity to learn and share the stories of those in the cigar industry. I’ve formed lifelong relationships over a cigar and conversations. I’m committed to providing honest reviews of cigars and sharing my experiences with you.