June’s Featured Limited Cigar Association Release Has Divided The Nation!

For close to 3 years, the first Friday of the month has meant Limited Cigar Association release day at brick-and-mortar shops across the country. Launched in July of 2020, the program that was intended to direct attention to small and family-owned business during an uncertain time has evolved into a vibrant network of makers, retailers and cigar lovers. This month’s offerings include a pair of featured cigars as well as an LCA Plus selection. Half of the country has one blend, half has the other. East and West. While supplies last, no two shops have both expressions of June’s featured LCA blend, encouraging enthusiasts to collaborate with one another in order to obtain both. Use the LCA store locator to find out where your nearest shop is, and check out the release video for this month.

A collaboration with the masterful A.J. Fernandez, the Incredible Hug from the Limited Cigar Association is said to be no ordinary cigar. This 6 x 56 Nicaraguan blend is available in two expressions, a spicy Habano and a rich Maduro. Like the iconic character, these cigars have been crafted to be big and bold, but also show a another side that can be difficult to forget.

Ideally, to enjoy both versions of the blend, cigar heads will need to interact with each other. The Habano awaits enthusiasts in “East” as defined by the video. Meanwhile, the Maduro, a mellow monster with delightful sweet and earthy notes, is available throughout the West. Embrace the excitement of the chase and the camaraderie that accompanies sharing a great smoke with good company.

Permitted to develop for more than 6 years now, June’s LCA plus cigar – the 6 x 50 Dead Stock Maduro – was produced at a prominent factory in Nicaragua. Among the very few clues provided as to the blend’s origins is that it’s from a brand that the Association has never worked with on a project. The Dead Stock Cigar Company project is focused on highlighting the ways in which post-production aging can impact some of the best tobaccos in the world. Part of that means putting the work in establish whether or not a particular batch of cigars is genuinely as old as it’s claimed to be. Cigars are only made available once they’ve been authenticated. This particular edition, offered in a different size than was initially released to the public, is purported to have been among the top 5 blends at one time.

How often do you make it a point to go to your local brick and mortar? Do you have a favorite LCA shop, cigar, or story? Let everyone know in the comments below!