Rob Gagner and Nate Beck Talk Beginner Cigars On Boveda’s Box Press Show

In the most recent episode of Boveda’s Box Press, #94, hosts Rob Gagner and Nate Beck share wisdom and guidance for the novice cigar enthusiast. The duo kick off the show by asking you to think of what flavors you enjoy in spirits or coffee before showing they might translate to the various notes you could taste in a cigar – including leather, cocoa, and spice. This is just one of the many segments that speak to every experience level, not just a beginner.

What if your palate leans towards mild or basic flavors like you get from savory dishes? No problem! Gagner and Beck reveal how you can spice up your cigar tasting experience with suggestions that foodies will relate to immediately. Likening our individual preferences in a cigar to the complex tastes of a Neapolitan-style pizza layered with distinct toppings, the discussion illuminates how taste can be a dynamic and fluid experience rather than simply a static sensation frozen in time.

Viewers can expect practical advice on how to choose what to try when you’re just starting out, as well as tips on handling and smoking cigars. Should you peel the band off immediately? How can you manage the heat of a cigar for optimum flavor and comfort? If the correct heat is difficult to maintain as a beginner, is a light and delicate Connecticut really the best cigar to start someone off with? What should you do when you’ve had enough of your cigar, but there’s still plenty left? This video delivers the answers to these questions and many more, with an emphasis on exploring personal flavor preferences, respecting the craft of cigar making, and remembering that learning is a massive part of the journey.

Sharing their insights on some of the blends they’ve tried, the hosts make sure to encourage viewers to dive into the world of cigar tasting and discover their unique preferences one experience at a time. Using the enigmatic Henry Clay War Hawk with its zesty notes, and the smooth, creamy essence of the Montecristo Classic as examples, the hosts underscore the breadth and depth of flavors available in cigars. In the episode just before this one, they actually put both of these cigars up against each other:

For a captivating exploration of the cigar lifestyle and beginner’s journey, this episode of Box Press is a must-watch. As the hosts remind viewers, it’s the journey into cigar flavors and the lifestyle that matters, not just the destination.

If you want to experience the same Altadis duo that the guys did, both the Henry Clay War Hawk and the Montecristo Classic are available from Privada Cigar Club. Visit the Boveda Box Press site for past episodes and more information about all the products Boveda offers.