Creating Your Own Personal Sanctuary For Enjoying Cigars, Wine, and Spirits

The idea of creating a personal sanctuary at home for enjoying cigars, wine, and spirits has been gaining momentum for a while. As lifestyles evolve and the appreciation for quality and craftsmanship grows, a well-designed home bar or cigar lounge can offer the perfect space to unwind, entertain, and indulge. In this article, we’ll provide expert tips and inspiration for designing your ideal home bar or cigar lounge, tailored to the refined tastes of discerning aficionados.

Identifying the perfect space for your home bar or cigar lounge is a crucial first step in creating a comfortable and functional sanctuary. By carefully considering factors such as ventilation, natural light, proximity to social areas, and the size and layout of the space, you can identify the perfect location for your home bar or cigar lounge, creating a sanctuary tailored to your unique tastes and lifestyle:


If you plan on enjoying cigars in your lounge, proper ventilation is essential to maintain air quality and ensure a pleasant environment for both you and your guests. Look for spaces with windows that can be opened for fresh air or consider installing an exhaust fan or a separate ventilation system to remove smoke and odors. An air purifier with a HEPA filter or an activated carbon filter can also help keep your space fresh and inviting.

Natural Light:

While a dimly lit atmosphere can create a cozy ambiance, natural light is important for daytime use and showcasing your collection. Choose a room with ample windows to allow sunlight to stream in, or consider installing skylights or glass doors to brighten the space. Window treatments like curtains or blinds can be used to control light levels and create the desired atmosphere.

Proximity to Social Areas:

Your home bar or cigar lounge will likely become a popular spot for entertaining and socializing. To encourage interaction and make hosting events more convenient, select a space close to common areas like the living room, kitchen, or outdoor patio. This will make it easier for guests to flow between spaces during gatherings and help create a more cohesive entertaining experience.

Space Size and Layout:

Consider the size and layout of the space when selecting a location for your home bar or cigar lounge. Ensure that there is enough room for seating, storage, and display areas, as well as space for guests to move comfortably. An open floor plan can make the space feel larger and more inviting, while a more intimate layout can create a cozy, secluded atmosphere.

Potential Locations:

There are several potential locations within your home that could serve as the ideal space for your cigar lounge or home bar:

  • Spare Room: Transforming a spare bedroom or unused office into a dedicated lounge space allows you to design the room from scratch and tailor it to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Basement: A finished basement can provide ample space and separation from the rest of the home, creating a private retreat for relaxation and entertaining.
  • Converted Garage: With the right modifications, a garage can become an impressive home bar or cigar lounge, complete with ventilation, temperature control, and ample space for seating and storage.
  • Attic or Loft: An attic or loft space can offer a unique and secluded setting for your home bar or cigar lounge, often featuring interesting architectural details and a cozy atmosphere.

Selecting the perfect theme and style for your home bar or cigar lounge is essential for creating a space that reflects your personality and unique tastes. Here are some tips and ideas to help you establish the ideal aesthetic for your sanctuary:

Explore Different Styles:

Before deciding on a specific theme or style, explore various design options and gather inspiration from magazines, blogs, and social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Consider the following popular styles:

  • Classic Speakeasy: This aesthetic features dark wood, leather seating, vintage accents, and dim lighting, evoking the ambiance of a Prohibition-era speakeasy.
  • Modern Minimalist: A modern, minimalist design focuses on clean lines, simple shapes, and neutral colors, creating a sleek and sophisticated space.
  • Rustic Retreat: Incorporate natural materials like reclaimed wood, stone, and leather to create a warm, inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a cozy lodge or mountain cabin.
  • Industrial Chic: Exposed brick, metal accents, and concrete surfaces can create a stylish industrial vibe, perfect for an urban loft or contemporary home.

Choose Cohesive Furniture and Lighting:

Select furniture and lighting that complement your chosen theme and style, ensuring a harmonious and cohesive atmosphere. Consider the following elements:

  • Seating: Opt for comfortable and stylish seating options, such as leather armchairs, tufted sofas, or sleek bar stools, depending on your chosen aesthetic.
  • Tables: Choose side tables, coffee tables, or bar carts that match the overall style of your space, whether it’s a rustic wooden table or a sleek glass-top design.
  • Lighting: The lighting in your home bar or cigar lounge should set the mood and enhance the overall design. Consider pendant lights, floor lamps, or wall sconces that align with your chosen theme.

Incorporate Thematic Décor and Accessories:

Add character and personality to your home bar or cigar lounge with thematic décor and accessories that reflect your chosen style. Ideas for incorporating themed elements include:

  • Wall Art: Select artwork, photographs, or posters that evoke the essence of your chosen theme, whether it’s vintage advertisements for a speakeasy-inspired space or abstract paintings for a modern, minimalist design.
  • Accent Pieces: Incorporate decorative items like antique barware, vintage cigar boxes, or industrial gears to further emphasize your chosen aesthetic.
  • Textiles: Select rugs, throw pillows, and window treatments that complement your chosen theme and color palette, adding visual interest and comfort to your space.

Use Color to Enhance Your Theme:

The color scheme of your home bar or cigar lounge can have a significant impact on the overall atmosphere. Choose colors that complement your chosen theme, whether it’s rich, warm tones for a classic speakeasy or cool, neutral shades for a modern, minimalist design. You can also use accent colors to create contrast and visual interest within your space.

By carefully considering your personal tastes and exploring various design styles, you can establish the perfect theme and style for your home bar or cigar lounge. A cohesive and inviting atmosphere, combined with comfortable furnishings and well-chosen décor, will create a space that truly reflects your unique tastes and provides an ideal setting for relaxation and entertainment.

A well-curated collection of premium cigars, wines, and spirits is essential for creating an impressive home bar or cigar lounge. Here are some tips for assembling and maintaining a collection that showcases your refined taste and caters to your personal preferences:

Do Your Research:

Start by familiarizing yourself with various types of cigars, wines, and spirits. Read articles, books, and online reviews to gain a better understanding of different brands, regions, and flavor profiles. Attend tastings, visit wineries or distilleries, and speak with experts to further develop your knowledge and refine your preferences.

Diversify Your Collection:

A diverse collection will not only cater to your own preferences but also accommodate the tastes of your guests. Include a mix of well-known classics, unique small-batch offerings, and local or regional specialties. For cigars, consider different sizes, shapes, and tobacco origins. For wines, include a variety of reds, whites, and sparkling options from different regions. If you plan on serving spirits, ensure you have a selection of whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, and tequila, as well as liqueurs and mixers for crafting cocktails.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity:

When curating your collection, focus on quality rather than quantity. A few carefully selected premium cigars, wines, and spirits can make a greater impression than a large collection of mediocre products. As your knowledge and experience grow, you can continue to refine and expand your collection over time.

Invest in Proper Storage Solutions:

Proper storage is crucial for maintaining the quality of your cigars, wines, and spirits. Consider the following storage solutions:

  • Cigar Humidor: A quality humidor will help maintain the proper humidity and temperature levels for your cigars, preserving their flavor and freshness. Choose a humidor with an accurate hygrometer and a reliable humidification system.
  • Wine Fridge: A wine fridge provides precise temperature control and protection from light exposure, ensuring that your wines age gracefully and maintain their optimal flavor profile. Look for a fridge with adjustable shelves and dual temperature zones for storing reds and whites at different temperatures.
  • Liquor Cabinet: A stylish liquor cabinet can keep your spirits organized and easily accessible while protecting them from sunlight and temperature fluctuations. Choose a cabinet with adjustable shelves, glass doors, and built-in lighting for an attractive display.

Display Your Collection:

A well-organized and visually appealing display can elevate the overall aesthetic of your home bar or cigar lounge. Consider custom shelving, display cabinets, or a built-in bar for showcasing your collection. Ensure that your storage solutions are functional and easy to access, allowing you to effortlessly find and enjoy your cigars, wines, and spirits. If your space won’t include alchohol, that opens up more room for other collectibles to be proudly displayed.

By carefully curating a diverse and high-quality collection of premium cigars, wines, and spirits, you can create an impressive home bar or cigar lounge that reflects your refined taste and passion for these indulgences. Proper storage and an attractive display will further enhance the appeal of your sanctuary and ensure that your collection remains in optimal condition for your enjoyment.

Equipping your home bar or cigar lounge with high-quality glassware and accessories is essential for creating an elevated and sophisticated experience. By investing in quality glassware and accessories for your home bar or cigar lounge, you can elevate the overall experience and add a touch of sophistication to your space. These items not only enhance the enjoyment of your cigars, wines, and spirits but also demonstrate your appreciation for the finer details of entertaining and relaxation:

Choose the Right Glassware:

Selecting the appropriate glassware for different beverages can enhance the overall drinking experience and showcase your attention to detail. Consider the following types of glassware for your home bar:

  • Wine Glasses: Invest in both red and white wine glasses, as the shape and size of the glass can impact the aroma and taste of the wine.
  • Whiskey Tumblers: A quality whiskey tumbler, such as a rocks glass or a Glencairn glass, can enhance the enjoyment of your favorite spirits.
  • Cocktail Glasses: A collection of cocktail glasses, including martini, highball, and Collins glasses, will ensure that you can serve a variety of mixed drinks in style.
  • Beer Glasses: For beer enthusiasts, consider adding a selection of beer glasses, such as pilsner, pint, and tulip glasses, to accommodate different styles and enhance their flavors.

Invest in Quality Bar Accessories:

High-quality bar accessories are essential for crafting and serving drinks with finesse. Consider adding the following items to your home bar:

  • Cocktail Shaker: A quality cocktail shaker is indispensable for mixing and chilling a variety of cocktails.
  • Bar Spoon: A long-handled bar spoon is essential for stirring and layering drinks, as well as for measuring smaller amounts of liquid.
  • Jigger: A double-sided jigger ensures accurate measurements for crafting perfectly balanced cocktails.
  • Muddler: A muddler is used for crushing herbs, fruits, and spices to release their flavors and aromas into cocktails.
  • Ice Bucket and Tongs: An ice bucket and tongs are necessary for serving chilled drinks and keeping ice easily accessible.

Essential Cigar Accessories:

For cigar enthusiasts, investing in high-quality cigar accessories will enhance the overall experience and demonstrate your appreciation for the craft. Consider adding the following items to your cigar lounge:

  • Ashtray: A quality ashtray, preferably with a deep bowl and grooves for holding cigars, is both functional and visually appealing.
  • Cigar Cutter: A sharp and precise cigar cutter, such as a guillotine or punch cutter, ensures a clean and even cut for a smooth draw.
  • Lighter: A reliable cigar lighter, such as a torch or butane lighter, provides a consistent flame for evenly lighting your cigars.
  • Cigar Rest: A cigar rest or holder can protect your cigars and keep them easily accessible while you enjoy your drink.

Adding personal touches to your home bar or cigar lounge can make the space feel more inviting and truly unique. By personalizing your home bar or cigar lounge with artwork, photographs, memorabilia, and custom touches, you can create a space that truly reflects your interests and passions. This will make the space feel more inviting and unique, providing an ideal setting for relaxation and entertainment:

Display Artwork and Photographs:

Showcase your personal style and interests through carefully chosen artwork and photographs. Select pieces that resonate with you and contribute to the overall atmosphere of your space. You might choose vintage posters, abstract paintings, or framed photographs of your favorite vacation destinations, wineries, or distilleries.

Showcase Memorabilia:

Incorporate memorabilia that holds personal significance, such as signed bottles from your favorite winemakers, autographed cigars from renowned cigar makers, or collectible barware from your travels. These items can spark conversation and add a personal touch to your home bar or cigar lounge.

Personalized Neon Sign:

A custom neon sign can serve as a focal point in your space and add a touch of personality. Consider having a sign made with your name, a favorite quote, or an image that represents your interests.

Create a Gallery Wall:

A gallery wall can be a dynamic and visually engaging way to display your favorite artwork, photographs, and memorabilia. Mix and match different frame styles, sizes, and colors to create a cohesive and eye-catching arrangement that reflects your personal tastes.

Custom-Built Displays:

Consider having custom-built displays or cabinetry installed in your home bar or cigar lounge to showcase your collection of cigars, wines, and spirits. Personalized touches, such as engraved glass doors or monogrammed drawer pulls, can make the space feel truly unique.

Incorporate Textiles:

Adding textiles, such as throw pillows, rugs, and window treatments, in your favorite colors or patterns can infuse your space with warmth and personality. Textiles can also help tie together various elements in the room and create a cohesive design.

Include Personal Hobbies or Collections:

If you have a particular hobby or collection, consider incorporating it into your home bar or cigar lounge. For example, if you’re an avid reader, add a bookshelf filled with your favorite titles on wine, spirits, or cigars. If you collect vintage barware or cigar accessories, display them in a glass-front cabinet or on open shelving.

Ensuring that your home bar or cigar lounge is a comfortable and inviting space is crucial for both relaxation and entertainment. By curating a comfortable environment in your home bar or cigar lounge, you can create a space where you and your guests –  should you wish to allow anyone into your sanctum sanctorum –  can truly relax and enjoy each other’s company. Incorporating elements like comfortable seating, proper lighting, and entertainment options will ensure that your space is versatile and inviting for a range of activities and gatherings:

Comfortable Seating:

Invest in seating options that provide both comfort and style. Comfortable armchairs, sofas, and bar stools are ideal choices for a home bar or cigar lounge. When selecting durable, high-quality materials that can withstand frequent use, keep in mind that you’ll want the surfaces you choose to be resistant to smoke if this are is going to be your lounge. Don’t forget to include a variety of seating arrangements, such as a mix of lounge chairs and bar-height seating, to accommodate different activities and preferences.


Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting. Dimmable overhead fixtures, floor lamps, and table lamps can provide the right amount of light for various moods and activities. Additionally, consider incorporating decorative lighting, such as string lights or LED accent strips, to create a cozy ambiance.

Sound System:

Installing a sound system can enhance the overall experience in your home bar or cigar lounge. Consider adding speakers or a soundbar to play your favorite music or podcasts, creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxation or lively conversation.

Television and Entertainment:

A television can be a great addition to your home bar or cigar lounge, providing entertainment during sports events, movie nights, or casual gatherings. If you have enough space, consider creating a dedicated viewing area with comfortable seating and proper lighting.

Gaming Console and Board Games:

For a multifunctional entertainment space, consider incorporating a gaming console or a selection of board games. This can provide a variety of entertainment options for you and your guests, making your home bar or cigar lounge a hub of social activity.

Climate Control:

Ensure that your home bar or cigar lounge is comfortable year-round by maintaining an optimal temperature and humidity level. Consider installing a climate control system or utilizing portable heaters, fans, or air conditioners as needed. For cigar enthusiasts, maintaining proper humidity levels is especially important for preserving the quality of your cigar collection.

After completing your home bar or cigar lounge, some wish to keep it private, while others want to share the new space with friends and family. By hosting tastings, pairings, or themed parties in your home bar or cigar lounge, you can share your passion for cigars, wine, and spirits with friends and family. Remember that the keys to a successful event are creating a welcoming atmosphere, providing a memorable experience, and fostering engagement and conversation among your guests:

Plan Your Event:

Start by choosing a theme or focus for your event. This could be a wine, whiskey, or food tasting, a cigar pairing night, or even a themed party inspired by a particular era or location. Having a clear focus will make planning and organizing the event easier and help to create a cohesive experience for your guests.

Send Invitations:

Send out invitations for your event, either digitally or via traditional mail. Be sure to include essential details, such as the date, time, location, and dress code (if applicable). If you’re hosting a tasting or pairing event, consider including a brief description of the beverages or cigars that will be featured to build anticipation and excitement.

Prepare Your Space:

Before the event, ensure that your home bar or cigar lounge is clean, organized, and ready for guests. Set up seating arrangements that encourage conversation and interaction, and create a welcoming atmosphere with lighting and music. If you’re hosting a tasting or pairing event, prepare tasting stations or tables with the necessary glassware, accessories, and informational materials.

Curate a Menu:

Create a menu that complements the theme or focus of your event. If you’re hosting a wine or whiskey tasting, consider offering a selection of cheeses, charcuterie, and other small bites that pair well with the beverages. For a cigar pairing event, choose foods that complement the flavors of the cigars, such as chocolate, nuts, or fruits. Don’t forget to provide a variety of non-alcoholic beverages for guests who prefer not to drink.

Guide Your Guests:

As the host, you can enhance your guests’ experience by providing guidance and information about the beverages or cigars being served. Share your knowledge about the origins, production methods, and flavor profiles of the items in your collection. Encourage your guests to share their thoughts and impressions, and facilitate conversation and engagement throughout the event.

Provide Entertainment:

In addition to the main focus of your event, consider providing additional forms of entertainment like background music and engaging activities. This can help create a lively atmosphere and keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout the evening.

Capture the Memories:

Don’t forget to document your event with photos or videos to capture the memories and share them with your guests afterward. This can be a great way to remember the occasion and inspire future gatherings. If you’re looking to unplug, consider taking a quick picture as your guests arrive, or gathering for a quick group photo before dinner so the phones can stay put away.

Designing the perfect home bar or cigar lounge is a rewarding endeavor that allows you to create a personal sanctuary for indulging in your passion for cigars, wine, and spirits. By considering factors such as location, style, collection, and comfort, you can create a space that reflects your unique tastes and provides an exceptional experience for you and your guests. Embrace the home bar revolution and elevate your lifestyle by crafting the ultimate space for relaxation and entertainment. With thoughtful planning, attention to detail, and personal touches, your home bar or cigar lounge will become a cherished retreat and the centerpiece of memorable gatherings.