Luciano Meirelles Asks Why On Deep Cuts Live With Antoine Reid

In the latest episode of Deep Cuts Live, host Antoine Reed speaks with Luciano Meirelles, the founder of Luciano Cigars, about his life and approach to the cigar industry. Throughout the hourlong conversation, Meirelles emphasizes the importance of making decisions from a place of love and understanding, rather than simply following personal desires or interests. He credits his diverse background, including a love for learning languages and a passion for philosophy, with shaping his perspective and approach to the industry.

Meirelles also discusses the importance of simplifying his life and focusing on his family, which ultimately led him to the cigar industry. He shares insights into his brand’s approach to storytelling, blending, and distribution, highlighting the importance of understanding the “why” behind people’s behavior. Meirelles also notes that few people in the industry actually make money, and that success is often tied to conglomerates rather than individual brands.

Meirelles emphasizes, more than once, how crucial understanding and empathy is in business and life. By striving to understand others and their motivations, he believes that individuals can achieve a greater sense of peace and satisfaction. Ultimately, his approach to cigars and life is guided by a philosophy of love and understanding, which has allowed him to build a successful brand while staying true to his values. You’ll hear the stories behind some of his most popular projects and get to know more about the people behind the products. Luciano’s vibrant journey, and the care with which he considers each question, make this a very easy episode to keep returning to for inspiration.

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