Fosforo Adding New Connecticut Blend From Esteli’s Garmendia Cigars

Last year, Fosforo announced wider distribution of a new cigar. Today, as a direct result of the popularity of that national release – which sold out in less than 2 months – the new Fosforo Connecticut has been announced. Riverside Cigar Shop & Lounge and Match Cigar Bar founder Jeff Mouttet, explains, “The Fosforo started as another store blends for Riverside. My original intent was to introduce my clientele to new and upcoming factories in Esteli, where I spend much of my time. With help from Colin Ganley, we found Garmendia Cigars, run by Jose Palacios, and created the first Fosforo blend. Soon afterward, I attended a retailer event at RoMa Craft Tobac and passed out our Fosforos, and surprise, over half the retailers came back to me asking to carry Fosforo!”

Mouttet is pictured above lighting a cigar on his birthday, which was just a few days ago. Garmendia will be familiar to many as the same factory where West Tampa Tobacco Company cigars are made. Launching later this month at $9.95 each, a limited preview run of just 2,400 cigars are being allocated to the Fosforo brand’s current roster of 23 partner shops. The 5.75 x 46 Connecticut is being distributed by Pospiech Cigars of Deltona, Florida.

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