Privada’s Brian Desind On Republic of Debauchery To Talk Year Of The Wabbit

Over the weekend, Republic of Debauchery co-founder and host Law Ream released an interview with Brian Desind of Privada Cigar Club and the Limited Cigar Association. Filmed the same day that April’s LCA cigars were released, the more than hour long conversation covered a wide range of topics, but focused on Privada’s Year of The Wabbit project and the cease and desist letter – and ongoing potential for a lawsuit – that nearly prevented the cigar from being made available for sale.

After discussing receiving the Cease and Desist letter from Hawley Troxell – a law firm with offices in Spokane, Boise, and Nevada – there was speculation about more parties possibly being involved in the filing and potential proceedings. At one point in the interview, Desind asked Ream, and in effect the audience watching, who the owner of Bunny Droppings is most closely associated with with professionally and publicly.

A little further into the discussion It was implied – but not substantiated – that Matt Booth, former owner of Room 101 Cigars and current Creative Director for a Forged Cigar Co, a subsidiary of Scandanavian Tobacco Group, may be involved in the lawsuit. Desind stated that the LCA has changed the game in the cigar industry, and that it’s off-putting that he’s being lured into a lawsuit despite the lack of a trademark.

Law puts out high quality content that one could easily lose a few hours to before realizing it, and isn’t afraid to ask frank questions for the benefit of the larger cigar community. The interview is available on YouTube and is definitely worth watching for those interested in what happens behind the scenes. The LCA’s “Year of The Wabbit” release has caused quite a commotion, and the lawsuit against Desind is an interesting development that is – and likely will continue to be – the topic of more than a few conversations across the industry this week.

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