Hunting Season Opens On LCA’s Zodiac Themed “Year Of The Wabbit” Project

Update 3/29: In a video (embedded below) published to their YouTube channel earlier today, it was announced that Privada intends to move forward with the scheduled release of the Limited Cigar Association’s “Year Of The Wabbit” cigar. With just over a week remaining until the planned launch, further developments are anticipated.

The recently announced Year of the Wabbit cigar from the Limited Cigar Association, slated for release on April 7th, is facing a potential obstacle. Privada Cigar Club, the makers of the cigar, have received a cease and desist letter from Vitamin-C Cigars LLC, the company behind the social media lifestyle brand Bunny Droppings. Cigar Public learned of the threat of legal action via a recent post on our social.cigarpublic social media site:

The cease and desist alleges trademark infringement and claims that the use of the term “Wabbit” in relation to cigars or tobacco violates their “Wabbit Season” trademark. When the serial number provided in the document was searched in the United States Patent and Trademark Office database, the result displayed an application that was filed the same day that the letter was sent. In response to a request for comment/correction, the owner of Vitamin C shared that ‘our brand, it’s identity and image, needs to be protected. Our company, our attorneys, and I are all prepared to do what it takes to do just that.”

The letter, dated March 24th, gives Privada founder Brian Desind only five days to respond to the allegations or face a federal lawsuit. A new listing for a $1000 cigar named “Year of The Wabbit” has been added to the Bunny Droppings website in the days since the LCA made their announcement. It remains to be seen whether the LCA’s Year of the Wabbit cigar will be able to be released as planned, given the potential legal obstacle it faces. This story is developing, updates will be added as they become available.

Updated 3/28:

*An earlier search did not show any results for the Vitamin C trademark, article has been revised to reflect that an application was filed 3/24/2023.

*Updated with a statement from Vitamin C/Bunny Droppings

Updated 3/29:

*Updated with video uploaded to Privada’s YouTube