El Septimo Teams Up With The Vault For The Luxury Brand’s 4th Lounge

El Septimo has just revealed the location of their 4th lounge. Part of the luxury brand’s plan is to open 30 El Septimo branded lounges throughout the world, they’ve announced a joint cooperation with the team behind The Vault family of lounges in Idaho. The Vault’s new flagship – located in Eagle, Idaho – will be branded into an El Septimo Lounge ahead of its April 21st Grand Opening, joining the 2 operating in California as well as the Tucson, Arizona location that just opened in February.

The Vault’s Owner and President – Joshua Evarts – offers that “I remember trying my first El Septimo cigar over a year ago and I told myself, wow, what is this? As I kept trying more from their product line, I became converted to this powerful brand that has over 40 blends of cigars, and some of the world’s most luxurious cigar accessories. We have experienced success from the first day we started carrying this brand, and our customers love the products.”

“It is truly an honor for us to have so many new and established retailers believe and trusting in the El Septimo Geneva brand. The Vault is one of El Septimo’s newest and largest premium cigar retailers in Idaho.  They have been very successful in selling El Septimo cigars and accessories over the last year. They know our cigars very well, and they sell more El Septimo cigars than any other brand in their humidor. This agreement to rename their Flagship store into an El Septimo Lounge is another testament as to how well our cigars have been recieved by their customers,” shared CEO of El Septimo, Zaya Younan.

While the existing El Septimo lounges offer El Septimo products exclusively, the website for The Vault’s Eagle lounge lists other brands like Sinistro, Cavalier, Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, J.C. Newman, and Arturo Fuente.