Forgotten Blend Recovered By Favilli Has Cuban Roots & Very Limited Availability

Just two weeks ago, Favilli officially took possession of a number of cigars that are being made available as the Factory Blend “C8” (Calle 8). This project – a cigar head’s fantasy made real – gets its name from the Calle Ocho, Miami cellar that the perfectly preserved, “well aged” parejos were recovered from. Little has – or can – be revealed about the specifics of this special blend, however the pieces that we do have paint a very captivating picture. When asked on social media about the intentionally vague description of this project and who may have blended it, one word in Favilli’s response stood out like a faded X on a weathered treasure map – “Hirochi.” If renowned Cuban grower and blender Hirochi Robaina had merely been in the same room as these cigars there would already be more than sufficient interest in them as a result, let alone him having had an actual hand in crafting them.

The description of these cigars on their site states that “this an extremely special Factory Blend Arrangement! From Cuba to Calle Ocho Miami, and straight to your door! This VERY well-aged, specialty tobacco blend comes from the deep archives of a project started in Miami that was left forgotten for a few years…Handcrafted by our Cuban friends with tobacco we cannot mention, these cigars made their way to a cellar in Miami and now, come straight to you!”

While they last, this installment of the ongoing Factory Blend series is shipping out in 3 count packs. The blend has two sizes: 5 x 50 Robusto and 6 x 52 Toro. The packs are being distributed at random, meaning one won’t know which sizes are showing up until the package arrives. At only $45 for each pack of 3, lack of control over the format isn’t likely to stop anyone from experiencing the Factory Blend C8 for themselves. Get yours here.