Proposed California Legislation Calls For Generational Smoking Ban

The Premium Cigar Association has just released confirmation that Assembly Bill 935  has been introduced by California Assembly member Damon Connolly. If it were to become law, nobody born after the year 2007 would ever again be legally allowed to purchase a premium cigar – or ANY tobacco product – within the nation’s 3rd largest state. In response, the Association states that “The PCA is committed to defending the small businesses of California and the choices of cigar patrons and ensuring that lawmakers understand the unique nature of premium cigars.”

During a recent series of interviews conducted prior to the announcement of the bill’s introdution, the PCA’s Ryan Parada – Senior Manager of Government Affairs and International Policy – and Glynn Loope explained that proposals like AB 935 are to be expected, especially since New Zealand implemented a similar ban last year. Both emphasize that those who oppose the rights of premium tobacco growers, makers, retailers, and enthusiasts immediately seize on successful legislation anywhere and then make every attempt to replicate it everywhere.

This is believed to be the first instance of a ban of this drastic nature being introduced domestically. “We are deeply concerned about AB 935 and any legislation that seeks to restrict the rights of premium cigar smokers,” said Joshua Habursky, Deputy Executive Director of the PCA. “These proposals are not based on scientific evidence, but rather on a political agenda that seeks to demonize adult cigar smokers and restrict their freedom to enjoy a legal product. Clearly it is no longer a hidden agenda of the anti tobacco groups to support full prohibition.”

Today PCA will launch a legislative petition opposing AB 935.” is an important tool for all cigar lovers and consumer freedom advocates,” said Glynn Loope, Director of State Affairs at the PCA. “By signing up for, you can make your voice heard and help us fight what is now, the most significant threat to the premium cigar industry in the nation. This legislation is proof of how bad policy ideas spread.”

To learn more about the Premium Cigar Association,its efforts to protect the freedoms of cigar enthusiasts, and generational smoking bans, visit or contact Ryan M. Parada at [email protected]