A Wonderful Week For Cigar Fans!

The highly anticipated follow-up to last year’s inaugural release, the LCA Reserva Vintage 2022 will begin appearing at your favorite Limited Cigar Association shop this week! Find out more about the blend and its origin story in our recent article, which includes a great conversation between industry maverick Christian Eiroa and Privada founder Brian Desind. Keep an especially close eye on Cigar Public this week as we prepare to cover all things Privada, like… do you know about Black Friday Friends Club? What would you do if you encountered Do Not Buy? Is there a code for the Cyber Monday 40% Off Event? All that PLUS a very special announcement!

First shared in early October, the Reclaimed project from Alec Bradley is arriving at exactly 99 select stores. High on the list of dream collectibles for anyone with an appreciation for the craft, the project consists of a factory-used cigar mold that has been decommissioned. At an MSRP of $79.95, just the mold by itself would be a great haul by many – but all 800 of these numbered artifacts also contains a total seven cigars. AB has taken some of their most popular blends and created a special 6.25 x 54 Figurado format for these limited edition Reclaimed samplers. Each made at their original factories: Raices Cubanas: Prensado, Magic Toast, and Tempus – Tobacos de Oriente: Black Market, Medalist, Maxx, and Gatekeeper.

The CigarMedics family has released their latest innovation, and just in time for the holidays. The Humidimeter Pro is smaller than the original, utilizes a metal casing rather than plastic, and features retractable probes that can be stored inside the unit when not in use. While the offer lasts, the new Humidimeter Pro is being sold for $49.99 instead of $59.99. The new Nub Tee cigar holder – and the much talked about cutter named The Baller – are in stock as well.

Another on the growing list of cigars making their way out into the world this week, the Allegiance from E.P. Carrillo will be available at retailers before the end of the month. Until now, the Perez-Carrillo Series consisted of just three award-winning special blends: Pledge, Encore, & La Historia. With a wrapper of Ecuadorian Sumatra-seed and a combination of binder and filler from Nicaragua, Allegiance becomes the 4th. Some retailers are offering pre-orders in anticipation of receiving their allotment.

BIG congratulations are also in order for Cigar Public reader @dwydjosh  – winner of the the cigar maker’s INCH Nicaragua Social Media Contest! Josh has won a trip to visit the family at the heart of E.P. Carrillo cigars and enjoy blends from Ernesto’s personal stash – including some never released to the public. Flight, hotel, and transportation are included and we hope to bring you the story of Josh’s adventure after he returns.

Never ones to rest on past wins, J.C. Newman is offering yet another unique opportunity for cigar lovers and those who want to find out more. The legendary cigar maker has announced The American Cigar Factory and Farm Tour. After being guided through the last working cigar factory in the entire “Cigar City” area, participants will then be transported to the Florida Sun Grown Farm for an immersive “seed to ash” learning experience. At what breaks down to well under $20 an hour, don’t be surprised to see this sell out quickly. Each $150 ticket covers transportation, the J.C. Newman Cigar Co. Factory tour, pastries & coffee, a tour of FSG Farm, BBQ lunch, a complimentary drink, and multiple cigars.  To find out more, and to purchase tickets, visit the registration page.

As promised, the second day of the Annual Global Policy Summit is now available for those who were unable to attend or watch live. Hosted by the Premium Cigar Association, the first day’s activities related to domestic policy and took place at the U.S. Capitol. Day 2 was streamed directly from the PCA Townhouse and was focused on international policy. Presenters and panelists include Nestor Plasencia, Tony Gomez, Reinhard Pohorec, Jeremiah MeerpfelOmar de Frias, Abraham Flores, and Carlos Fuente Jr. The PCA organizes the summit each year as opportunities to “hear from premium cigar industry leaders about the politics and policies impacting agriculture, manufacturing, and retail businesses around the world.” Presentations and discussions cover a wide range of topics including global markets, land stewardship, and the economic impact that cigars have had on the Dominican Republic.

Wishing you another great weekend full of your favorite cigars and your favorite people. Keep on sending in your favorite cigar related news stories, posts and videos!