Introducing Cavalier Genève’s “The Full Moon” For Privada Cigar Club

As promised while covering Cavalier Genève last month, here is one of the first up close looks at their latest collaboration with Privada Cigar Club! Existing fans of the brand will be excited to learn that The Full Moon was created and produced at Cavalier’s own Fabrica Centroamericana de Tabaco in Danli, Honduras – the same factory that their new Inner Circle line is produced at. The original blend was released as the 6×52 Odd Job in February and featured a Viso Jalapa Nicarguan wrapper, a Habano Honduran binder, and fillers from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Paraguay.

Sebastien Decoppet, Cavalier’s founder, has revealed very little of The Full Moon’s official composition other than to share that that this cigar was born out of his desire to change one small element in the original blend. If you’ve had the Odd Job, what would you guess the change is? As soon as more is disclosed I will bring it to you, but in the interim I’m sure there will be more than a few Cavalier fans eager for the opportunity try both cigars and experience the nuances for themselves. Sebastien, Brian Motola and the whole Cavalier family have entered a new era and as much fun as they’re having exploring new raw materials – the real winners are likely to be the consumers. Little by little they tease what the future holds, and if yesterday’s puzzle piece is any sign, the future appears to be very bright:

Have you tried the OG Odd Job? What is one thing you’d change about it? Will this be your first Cavalier cigar? Did you already sign up for the $2500 Founders Ring Giveaway? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!