Cavalier’s Gold Diamonds Are Not ****ing Leaving!

When we first reported on the new Inner Circle by Cavalier Genève brand addition, one of the first questions we got was about Cavalier’s iconic gold diamond. Motivated by that simple but luxurious looking diamond, the team’s mantra to #SmokeGoldStayGold has been elevated far beyond just a hashtag for cigars and has evolved into a way of life for some. The undeniably attractive gold leaf applied to the body of the cigar, the warmth and demeanor with which Sébastien Decoppet always communicates, the obvious dedication and shared vision with which Sébastien and Brian Motola navigate the world of cigars – all this would be enough to tell a good story, but they also make great cigars…and that is what makes Cavalier exceptional.

Like the most enjoyable cigar you’ve ever experienced, it’s not just about the materials or just the resources or just the people assembling them, it’s about how all those vital pieces have been blended them together. That is what makes their efforts and their achievements so gratifying. While the gold diamond does not appear on the new Inner Circle line, we’re happy to share that Sebastien promised the glowing golden sigil is not going anywhere. We reached out to the gold leaf itself, the very gold leaf that is used at Cavalier’s factory…and the gold sent us this in response:

In all seriousness, upon the announcement of the the Inner Circle, fans of the brand were genuinely worried that diamond might be going away…myself among them. I doubt any of us would have stopped seeking them out, but it’s a fun thing to be a part of and associate with. When speaking to Sébastien, he was passionate about making it clear that the core lines are the heart and the soul of the brand. He explained that the significance of these selections and the diamond that adorns them is ultimately the philosophy. The tenets by which the core offerings were created and the standards by which they are maintained will never be diminished.

Instead of replacing anything, what the Inner Circle represents is the ability to work with the community to develop a brand new identity in which to play and create. Along the way will be endless opportunities to discover new messages to amplify. Inner Circle is essentially Cavalier’s experimental unit, and beyond being an internal research & development division it also represents major progress in how the business of cigars operates.

Not content with simply using what is closest to their own factory, they’re eagerly exploring tobacco from a number of countries to provide cigar lovers with the best new experiences available. Common to some, at their factory tobaccos like Pennsylvania Broadleaf, Dominican Piloto, and many Ecuadorian tobaccos were considered exotic until very recently – it’s not an easy task getting those raw materials to Danli, Honduras.

The original Odd Job, pictured above, was very well received and is getting a small update for this next iteration.

The feedback from Cavalier’s collaboration with Privada on the Limited Cigar Association’s Odd Job cigar has been really positive and more projects are underway. Additional information will be available soon, but right now I can share that there will be a new iteration of the Odd Job coming out! Sébastien wanted to adjust one element, outside of that the rest of the blend will remain untouched. It should make for an exciting experience comparing the the two versions and seeing how much impact that one element has on the overall experience.

The other teaser he gave us was that they’re working on a special box pressed Honduran cigar featuring Habano from Jamastran. It sounds like a lighter blend than you’d typically associate with Cavalier, but that’s very much the point of their limited edition collaborations – to move our palates and the industry forward! Check back soon for for more EXCLUSIVE updates, and remember to #SmokeGoldStayGold!

Are you a Cavalier fan already or is this the first time you’re finding out about them? What what is your favorite Cavalier cigar? Did you know you can smoke the gold? I’d love to hear about it all in the comments below!