Jake Wyatt Lithium

From start to finish the flavors in this cigar do not waiver. This is very consistent, nicely constructed and very enjoyable. The wrapper has a slight oil sheen, some slight color variations, a nice pigtail cap and closed foot. The draw offers some resistance which I find quite enjoyable. The burn can wobble at times but needs no attention. I find the smoke to be surprisingly smooth. Overall this may not break any records for complexity but the consistency in the performance and flavors presented make this a very enjoyable and tasty experience.

Wrapper: Ecaudorian Habano / Binder & Filler:  Dominican

Vitola: Gran Robusto / Size: 6 × 50

Factory: Tabacalera JVM / Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Wood, wet hay

Not much change from the body, being closed.

N/A (Closed Foot)

Spices are front and center, I am getting a clove note that reminds me of Clove gum we chewed as kids. The smoke has a zestiness to it that is quite nice. Retro is a smooth toasty nut. Finish is nice and long lasting until the next puff.

The clove has gone and is replaced with an almost cinnamon butter. The spice remains front and center. The smoothness in the smoke given the zest is quite a nice surprise. Retro remains unchanged as well as the long finish.

No real changes to list. Very pleased in the consistency of flavors.

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Noah Lowery

Own and operate a laboratory focused on livestock reproduction. Passionate cigar smoker and collector Bourbon and craft beer enthusiast.