“Not The Ron” Rons On & Barclay Rex Quietly Flexes

The Cigar Clown Army had long been waiting, no…wanting, to hear the news that the Cigar Clowns recently announced. TWO Cigar Clowns cigar releases in one week. Maybe the most highly anticipated clown to step out of the car this year, NOT THE RON will be made available on September 2nd – and it will be a banger, folks!. The only way the Clowns wish to offer their carefully curated selections is through the Limited Cigar Association network of shops, so make some room in your cigar stash and then find your local LCA.

In an age when nearly every phone and website is synced to the US Naval Observatory’s “Atomic Time,” it will be as easy as it’s ever been to know the precise moment when you can start filling up your cart. The 6 x 52 Not The Ron is slightly larger than its 6 x 50 older brother, The Ron. As with most Cigar Clown sticks, most of the specifications are kept secret from all but an essential and loyal few. What has been disclosed is that Not The Ron was blended by AJ Fernandez, who also crafted the original.

The Clowns decided to use the same band as the original Ron cigar. Why, one might ask, would they not create a new band?  During the Cigar Clowns takeover of Privada Cigar Club’s Instagram account, I was brought onto the stream to join in with a couple of the important figures at the core of the Cigar Clowns movement – two of the partners. Raymond Kane shared that “Not The Ron is close to the Ron with its flavor, but it’s Not The Ron.” Partner Joe Cassara had a different line of thinking behind the name, “what better ball-breaking thing to do but name it Not The Ron,” he said with a huge grin as the two discussed the announcement.

The Cigar Clowns are also about to release The Recession exclusively at Barclay Rex in New York City on Sept. 1st. The 5×50 Robusto offers a Habano wrapper, with Nicaraguan binder and filler. As the algorithms drive cigar content further and further away from your feeds, it’s easy to miss the announcements you want to see most. For anyone who hasn’t been exposed to it yet, there’s a really great energy building around this drop and a very important benefit being extended to anyone who attends…EVERYONE who attends the cigar event at Barclay Rex that night will have the opportunity to buy the Not The Ron one day before its general release. 

Barclay Rex, like the Clowns and the LCA, puts service first. Every other decision, act and response is an extension of that mission. As such, they are the perfect partner for an experiential collaboration like this one. The last family-owned tobacconist in all of New York, and in an industry where so many feel the need to tell you how good and different they are, Barclay Rex just shows you. They don’t show off, they’re just too good at what they do not to be noticed for it. Steadily perfecting their craft for well over 100 years at this point, they clearly know how to put on an event – so if you can make it, make it!

Add experiences like this one to the long and distinguished list of things that show how Cigar Clowns are different from every other cigar company. The Cigar Clowns keep changing the way things are done in the cigar world and how they look out for their loyal supporters who are on the journey to find the perfect stick. As a hidden in plain sight “easter egg” for anyone who pays attention to the ends of articles – you can click this link right now if you’d like to pre-order The Recession direction from Barclay Rex’s new online store. 😉🤡