Illusione Cigars Announces Social Media Photo Contest

Illusione’s Book of Brands contains cigars that are counted among the industry’s most respected boutique portfolios. Amidst an update to box branding and the release of Summer’s The Illusione of Excalibur collaboration with Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s Forged/General teams, Dion Giolito¬†is always providing something for cigar lovers to be excited about. Today, Illusione’s current and potential fans have been presented with an opportunity to get creative. While also serving to silently encourage everyone to form deeper connections with their brand, the contest is a fun way for fans to show their pride and for Illusione to get an even better sense of who, where and how their cigars are being enjoyed.


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The rules for the photo contest are straightforward and consist of tagging Illusione as @Illusione_Cigars on Instagram or¬†@IllusioneCigars on Twitter. The only stipulation made is that your Illusione cigar needs to be lit, the rest is up to you. Beyond that, the only other information provided more than suggests that the idea is very much to creat something that stands out – “extra points for creativity!” To check it all out for yourself, head over to the dedicated information page they’ve set up for the competition. We’re not really sure what the winner(s) will get, but that’s part of the fun!

One of my favorite things about Illusione has always been that they are entirely their own thing, without apology. If you don’t know the significance behind many of the product names, you’re still able to thoroughly enjoy the cigar they’re wrapped around. For those who recognize the tapestry that the company has weaved with the names of their offerings, it adds a layer of depth and vibrancy to the experience.

Are you going to submit an entry for this contest? If I’d love to hear about it all in the comments below, and if you do particpate, let us know at @cigarpublicofficial on instagram!