Espinosa 601 Green Oscuro

Damn good cigar, box worthy for sure. Lots of complex flavor profiles. Don't get too focused on the sweetness of this review, it's just what my brain was telling me. It's still a cigar and not a desert. Loved the smoke production and the wrapper was beautiful and soft, if it didn't have a couple dings on it this stick would have been 90+.

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro / Binder & Filler :  Cuban-seed Nicaraguan

Vitola: La Fuerza / Size: 5.5 × 54

Factory: La Zona Factory / Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Chocolate, barnyard ( a little more towards the cap), hay,

Stallone Alagan Review: The Foot

Pepper, prunes, marshmello & pecan pie, raisin, cinnamon toast crunch, sugar cookies, bread.

Stallone Alagan Review: The Cold Draw

Raisin bran, raisin, spice.

Stallone Alagan Review: First Third

Soft pepper and spice on the retro, heavy smoke production, good nutty flavor, chewy smoke, aroma reminds me of a clove, some graham cracker. Chocolate, nutty raisin brand on the retro.

Stallone Alagan Review: Second Third

Spicy, chewy smoke, slight waffle & eggs, sweetness on the retro. Stack of nickels ash.

Stallone Alagan Review: Final Third

Sweetness of chocolate (but not too much), some graham cracker, smooth on the retro. Nutty but the good kind of nutty.

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Will Linger

To me, cigars are about having a deep curiosity of the history of those who provide them to the world; full of complexity and beauty. Comparing notes on those stories is the point, preserved for who’ll come next. I simply can’t get enough of that. Otherwise, I’m a common man.