Warped Founder Kyle Gellis Announces Full Slate Of Upcoming Projects

Fresh off the success of the recent Bits of Havana Especial release, I did not expect Warped’s Kyle Gellis to have so many new projects in the works – but then again, defying expectations is kind of Warped’s stock and trade. In a message posted to the brand’s dedicated FB group, he addressed all of the members with the following message – “Thank you for your continued support! While some things I can’t go into further detail about (what the limiteds are, etc) until it’s time to release, if you have questions, just ask!” He means it too, like many of those experiencing boutique success – it’s all about proximity and great service. If you reach out, he’ll absolutely respond. Here’s a breakdown of all of Warped’s exciting updates.

According to the boutique fan favorite, in order to better accommodate their growing portfolio and retailer base Warped will be launching a brand new website next month. “We wanted to incorporate our modern style while simultaneously adding a unique digital experience for you,” writes Gellis.

Before the end of 2022, Warped plans to make 5 new projects available at local retailers – 4 of them are are limited edition blends. Gellis includes “some of these are micro productions to larger releases. All 3 factories are included in these releases, El Titan de Bronze, Aganorsa Leaf, Tabacalera La iSLA.” The five LE projects are broken down below with what we know so far:

Devils Hands 

Still planned for a 2023 release, these cigars have been completed and are patiently awaiting finished boxes. As with almost every other cigar maker, band and box delays seem to be the standard now.  “I’m hoping that delays soften a bit as we head into 2023,” says Gellis.

2023 New Marcas

Kyle says that 2 blends have been completed already and also shares that he is “heading to Nicaragua the first week of September to check in on concepts from my last trip. My hope is to have 1 more regular production Marca added into the portfolio in 2023.” 

Upper Realm

All we know about this one is that additional information will be made available in September. He says “I and the team are very excited about this release, it’s been in the works for quite some time.”

Venture 1492

Utilizing a San Andres wrapper with Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers, Kyle is extra excited about this blend, which was clear when he shared ”our house blend for the distribution company is coming!”

Warped Barrel Picks

You read that correctly, Warped is VERY excited to be able to offer this experience. Sign up for more information at https://warpedbarrelpicks.com to be among the first to know more as additional info is released.

Boutique used to mean hidden. Boutique used to mean unseen. As long as brands like Warped and artists like Kyle keep operating at the level they have been, boutique will likely never mean those things ever again. We’ll report any updates that come in on any and all of the projects covered today.