CigarMedics “The Baller” Cutter Starts Shipping Next Week!

Right before last month’s PCA trade show, we had the pleasure of putting together an article about CigarMedics, the family behind the brand, and their new products. Dozens of new cigars were announced leading up to the show and even more were released during it. Yet, the new product that garnered the bulk of the buzz during and after convention week contained no tobacco at all. The innovative new cutter design – dubbed “The Baller” – begins shipping next week to anyone who pre-ordered a unit.

YouTube’s mistreatment of premium tobacco makes it difficult to embed great cigar content, but Boveda’s video on The Baller is a perfect primer if you haven’t seen the ins and outs of this substantial device. Assembled by hand in the United States using only American-made parts, The Baller was originally intended to be sold directly through the CigarMedics web shop. The team knew it would get people talking, but they had no idea the demand would end up being so strong. Pivoting quickly, they decided to release The Baller nationwide via retailers and now its just a matter of meeting the orders.


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After seeing this update from CigarMedics, I reached out for more info and and to see if they wanted to share anything about the imminent HumidiMeter Pro drop or anything else exciting in the cigar accessory world. They got back to me right away and we’ll be connecting before the weekend to discuss all things CigarMedics – as any new information is shared we’ll report it! Did you order one? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!