Jefe Number One CT

This cigar was enjoyable, where it fell short was with the burn issues, and the slightly loose draw throughout. The wrapper had a green blemish on it, with the slightest knick in the wrapper. I felt I wanted more from this cigar, it did have some very nice transitions, to note the cedar into the oak was a very nice change as it brought out the vanilla, green peppercorns and caramel. I would love to smoke this with a nice cappuccino, and a flaky pastry i.e Danish, Eclairs, or a croissant.

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade / Binder & Filler: Nicaraguan and Ecuadorian

Vitola: Toro / Size: 6.5 × 52

Barnyard (manure, hay)
Sweet Vanilla
Graham Cracker

Stallone Alagan Review: The Foot


Stallone Alagan Review: The Cold Draw

Pastry Dough
Milk Chocolate
Roasted Peanuts

Stallone Alagan Review: First Third

The first third has tremendous smoke output, with heavy notes of barnyard, vanilla and caramel. The smoke is thick and creamy, very nice on the palate. Roasted peanuts, and slight sweet cream butter emerge on the retro. As the first third comes to an end, notes of floral and lemon appear, very reminiscent of coriander. Uneven but manageable burn, with a very dense ash, keeping it a nice and soft creamy smoke.

Stallone Alagan Review: Second Third

The second third brings very prominent peanut, a slight coffee on the retro and a lingering cedar. The vanilla and caramel are still present. The ash has fallen off and the burn remains slightly uneven requiring one touch up. Smoke output is still plentiful, and very creamy. Coriander is still prevalent, but a roasted peanut and cedar take over as the dominating flavor notes. The draw remains consistent, although slightly loose at some points throughout.

Stallone Alagan Review: Final Third

The final third has begun, the roasted peanut is still dominating. As the cedar transitions into an oaky note, with hints of vanilla, a spice reminiscent of green peppercorns, caramel and smoke. The burn has remained uneven throughout both cigars, but a plentiful amount of smoke.

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Tim Chase

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