The Joys Of A Cigar On The Road

The road trip is a concept that has been revered since we started crossing the Mississippi River and heading West in the hopes of creating a new life. 

As transportation became more accessible, this idea of a grand journey across the land became more popular. More and more people began taking journeys of their own, and the idea of the open road began to flourish. Many of these travelers would end their days with finely cultivated tobacco of their choice. For some, cigarettes, or pipes, but for a lucky few, they enjoyed a cigar.

In the summer of 2021, I embarked on a 5,000-mile offroad journey from the East coast in Cape Hatteras, NC and ended in Florence, OR. I crossed many trails that explorers of past generations traversed as I made my pilgrimage west, and like some of those weary travelers, I ended my day with a cigar.

While on an adventure, the ritual of cigar smoking is much different. On the road, it is much more than just a smoke, it is an experience that closes out the adventure of the day. It becomes the experience that allows honest reflection, as the fire in front gently crackles and the aromas fill the air. Each draw is a new experience, as new flavors begin to open and express themselves. Each moment becomes a brand-new adventure of its own as the time slowly passes by.

Every evening I was graced with the distinct honor and privilege of watching the sunset from a new, austere location. Every evening, a new view with a new cigar. Every day closed with a new set of experiences by the fire, with a cigar in hand.

Over a year has passed since I completed my initial adventure, and I have since embarked on many more. Each adventure introduces many new experiences, but there remains to be one constant, the cigar.

Each moment throughout the process brings back a memory of a previous smoke in a previous location. The selection, the cut, the light and the first few draws. Every draw brings back a cherished memory, and a delightfully new reflection on life. 

That, is the joy of a cigar on the road.