Dapper Union Break Shade

Very nice wrapper on this cigar, silky smooth, tight seams, slightly firm pack. The draw is on the snug side however not taxing on the mouth. I find this to be more of a positive given how small the cigar is as it helps to keep one from overheating it. Absolutely flawless, razor sharp burn. The smoke tends to be on the warmer side and after the mid-way point can be considered harsh at times. All in all for the size of this cigar, I have no real issues with the construction.

Now with being completely blind here, I obviously do not know and cannot say that it is flavored, but there is an unbelievable sweetness that coats my lips until the mid-way point on each cigar that I reviewed. None of the sweetness comes through the cigar while smoking, it is strictly on the lips (like a flavored tip).

The first third has some really nice woody, spice notes with a slightly peppery retrohale. The sugary sweetness is quite overwhelming in this first third. If you smoke, or have smoked infused or flavored cigars then this may be enjoyable and not overwhelming to you. As we move into the second, almonds join in with the woody, spice notes and the retrohale loses the burn and smooths out at about the mid-way point. The sugary sweetness has thankfully left and we finish out with a toasty almond, earthy final third.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade  / Binder: Nicaragua / Filler: Nicaragua

Vitola: Petite Lancero / Size: 4 × 38 / Sweetened Tip: Yes

Factory: Fabrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua S.A.  / Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Earth, barnyard

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Candied fruit

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Artificial sweetness

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Hints of cedar, spices, slight pepper burn in the retro

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Cedar, spices, almond, slight pepper burn in the retro

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Earth, cedar, toasted almond

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Noah Lowery

Own and operate a laboratory focused on livestock reproduction. Passionate cigar smoker and collector Bourbon and craft beer enthusiast.