The Silence Is Deafening.

It’s been really great seeing and hearing cigar industry luminaries and media outlets talk about Eladio Diaz’s first cigar ever released in the US since parting ways with Davidoff. Seeing all the coverage congratulating Mr. Diaz on the creation of the Limited Cigar Association’s Delectados cigar has been wildly satisfying. The man is an icon in this industry and he deserves it after all he’s done.

Actually – that never happened.

Traditional cigar media has been eager to cover the release of projects that claim an association with Eladio Diaz, and that makes sense because he’s a legendary figure. A highly respected craftsman with an impeccable reputation, the new Diaz Cabrera operation is one of the most newsworthy in all cigardom. The past of its founders promises quite the future. After 6 decades of helping to build other’s legacies, Eladio Diaz set out to cement his own. If that doesn’t sound like the powerful stuff of dreams, we may need to have a larger conversation.

One wonders, then, why outlets that purport to be THE source for cigar industry happenings have a Delectados sized gap in their coverage. Put simply, for a new brand claiming to have the first cigar out of the new Diaz Cabrera Factory, these outlets gave the full treatment. 

For those who actually have the first cigar out of the new Diaz Cabrera Factory and have made it available to the buying public? Dead air. 

The Limited Cigar Association isn’t for everyone, and neither is Privada Cigar Club – but what does it say about the state of cigar media when a once in a generation figure like Eladio Diaz gets passed over when he should be getting to take a victory lap?

​​“The last few years leading up to the opening of the Diaz Cabrera factory have been met with a lot of speculation and excitement within the industry, and having the opportunity to release the first-ever cigar from this already legendary factory is a tremendous privilege,” shares Privada owner, LCA founder, and publisher of this site –  Brian Desind.

The cigar itself is a 6×50 toro featuring an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper over Dominican Hybrid binder and Dominican Piloto Viso, San Vicente, and Seco fillers. Desind indicates that this particular blend will “never be produced again.” Delectados has an MSRP of $15.00 and can be found at Limited Cigar Association shops and on the Privada Cigar Club website.

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