Don’t Say Eladio…

There has been a bit more news lately surrounding Eladio Diaz, the man who served Davidoff as a supervisor of production and as a master blender for a span of almost 3 decades.

While at Davidoff, Mr. Diaz crafted a signature flavor profile that cigar enthusiasts of the past loved and members of the next wave seem to be split down the middle on. One thing no one can argue is how legendary his skill set should be regarded. He made the cigars that built the brand we know of today as Davidoff.

Many were surprised at the initial news of his departure as most at the time were unaware that he was no longer with the company. The few who had been aware were apparently unsure whether Mr. Diaz would retire or continue innovating. A short time later, a press release that was issued on Halfwheel, dated September 24th 2021, made things official by announcing the formation of his new factory.

Since that article was published, there has been an apparent rush to get the first Diaz blended non-Davidoff cigars in the states. Recently, a relatively unknown cigar brand released news that it would be the first to import a cigar rolled at the new factory. As eager as the community is to be able to explore and enjoy this release, the most interesting aspect may actually be the rumors surrounding it.

According to a source close to the family, it may be the case that Mr. Diaz cannot put his name on any cigars without financial recourse from his former employer.  Some offer that there must be some type of pension or care for employees that were with a company that long and were that important but those who do have been quick to point out that this is happening in the Dominican Republic rather than the United States and are admittedly unsure of the legalities. Some have even said, though none could verify, that his contract stated he cannot use his name on future blends.

Out of the 3 companies that are said to be working with the new factory, only one of them has actually featured the name Eladio. The other two label the factory as Tabacalera Diaz Cabrera. Everyone wants the first cigar from this factory. It’s clout in this industry to have that cigar. So, our curiosity was piqued when a brand nobody here had heard much of up to that point not only released a product with his name and used his likeness, but also made a digital prototype of the box with his name etched into its surface.

Even if we come to find out that there was no intrigue at all behind the scenes, what is certain is that when an icon like Mr. Diaz is involved you can be sure that the cigar itself will tell the only story any of us really want to know.

This cigar is set to release in July to the PCA by Freud Cigars, so we expect it to hit shelves by August.