STG Acquires Room101 Cigars and Retains Matt Booth


June 14, 2022 (Richmond, VA) — Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) announces today that the company has acquired the Room101 cigar brand from Matt Booth and has retained Booth as creative director.

The acquisition is limited to Room101 cigars and accessories and does not include any of Matt Booth’s other Room101 entities.

Régis Broersma, president of STG’s North America and Rest of World divisions said, “Our acquisition of Room101 Cigars is a strategic move for both STG and Matt Booth, and underpins our collective drive to shake up the category. Matt is a creative force and we’ve admired his ability to surprise and delight the market. On top of that, the Room101 cigar portfolio represents a blue ocean of blends and taste profiles we haven’t been playing in. So this acquisition gives us an even deeper opportunity to innovate and unlock the brand’s potential. We’re looking forward to tapping Matt’s boundless creativity, to doing some really cool cigar projects with him and to working alongside him to keep Room101 true to its roots.”

Matt Booth said, “In my 13 years in this industry, I’ve fought hard to foster Room101’s stance in market and now it is time as a brand to ascend to the next level. This arrangement is nothing short of a watershed moment for myself and our brand family. Room101 Cigars has found its forever home with STG and I am extremely excited to be part of a company that is willing to invest in creative integrity and bold innovation. This partnership will empower Room101 Cigars to stretch outward and become the first true global craft brand in the category.”

Room101 Cigars complements STG’s handmade cigar portfolio which features a stable of heritage and boutique brands.

Room101 will be represented exclusively by STG’s Forged Cigar Company.

The transaction was completed on June 10, 2022. Terms of the deal are not being disclosed.

Régis concluded, “Our acquisition of Room101 Cigars represents our willingness to invest in brands with strong growth potential, and we will continue to explore opportunities to expand our market-leading portfolio.”

About Scandinavian Tobacco Group

Scandinavian Tobacco Group A/S is a world-leading manufacturer of handmade and machine-rolled cigars with an annual production of more than four billion cigars. The Group holds market-leading positions in several categories and its products are sold in more than 100 markets. Scandinavian Tobacco Group is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and employs approximately 10,000 people globally. The Group is also the largest internet and catalog retailer of cigars and related accessories in the US, where STG has over 1 million active online consumers. For more information please visit

About Room101 Cigars

Room101 entered the premium tobacco space in 2009, bringing transformative innovation to the category. Founder Matt Booth proudly served in a cast of characters and branding disruptors in the creation of what has ultimately become the boutique segment of the market. Inspired by the European jet set brands of the 1960s and anchored in Los Angeles, the Room101 portfolio includes Payback, 10th Annv, Doomsayer, Farce, Hit and Run and The T, as well as Snake Shake, a limited edition release. Please visit for more details.

About Forged Cigar Company

Developed to deepen support for the brick and mortar channel, Forged Cigar Company launched in 2021 as an independent national cigar distribution network. Bolstered by independent marketing and customized programming, Forged Cigar Company’s portfolio includes a curated mix of established and cult brands such as Partagas, La Gloria Cubana, Bolivar Cofradia, Diesel and Chillin’ Moose. Forged Cigar Company’s mission includes leveraging relationships with its proprietary network of cigar factories to deliver product innovations uniquely timed to meet retailer and consumer needs.


You may have already heard but I wanted to confirm personally that Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) has acquired the Room101 Cigar Brand.

This in a is an arrangement to empower the Room101 cigar brand beyond wherever we  could ourselves as a humble family owned company.

Great strides have been taken to ensure above all else that our brands authentic soul, core philosophies and brand spirit will remain intact and true to its original form.

I remain the caretaker and Creative Director of this brand to help support that Room101’s growth and further expansion will be managed with care and respect and that our brand will remain true to its core and my new partners at STG share this vision for the brand.

Our cigars will continue to be manufactured with our existing factory partners in the same craft spirit.

To our loyal brand soldiers I want to say thank you for being the forever fire that has brought us this far – I am so grateful for your continued belief and support and most importantly I am looking forward to sharing the next decade and beyond with you.

This is a win for us as a brand, as a family and for our brand soldiers.

Let’s get more cylindrical dead plant matter deep into mouths in 2022 and beyond!

See you out there.

Matt Booth,