Are You Down To Clown?

Having become one of the top boutique brand companies in the cigar community. What they call their “journey to the perfect stick”  has brought enthusiasts and aficionados together from across the country to enjoy a Clown-worthy smoke. 

The Mark, Krinkles, The Ron, AVB, and last month’s drop of the HeartBreaker are just a few of the cigars the clowns have made available to the public in the past 15 months, each one garnering better reactions than the one before. The most unique aspect of their journey is the mantra “once they’re gone, they’re gone.” 

These sticks are, in the words of business partner Raymond Kane Jr. “are ultra-limited.” From Privada Cigar Company to Caravan Cigars in Pennsylvania to the west coast in California at Oak Glen Tobacconist, the Clowns have sold out cigars and have crashed many websites while members of the large and growing cigar community try to track down and buy as many of the five packs as they can. 

The Cigar Clowns’ business partners consist of five gentlemen who all have a specific position that contributes to the success of the company. Raymond Kane, Jr., Nick Marzigliano, Danny Selowentchich, Steve Murphy, and Joe Cassara are the guys who have put their blood and sweat into every Cigar Clown Stick that is distributed. They all have other full-time jobs to take care of before they can play at their second job.

The journey began with a zoom call among friends who were trying to make the most of a night off when the COVID-19 had them and everyone else socially distant from one another. During the pandemic, it was not easy to get to a cigar shop and hang out so the guys decided to do some zoom calls to kill off what could have otherwise been a depressing night dealing with what was going on in the world. 

Through these discussions, the five decided to create the Cigar Clowns and the “Journey to a Perfect Stick.” Beginning in the “underground” cigar world, the guys would distribute cigars by hand to friends and friends of friends in an effort to get their product out. Eventually, they would team up with the Privada Cigar company to distribute their cigars, introducing them to a large and loyal group of members.

The cigar clowns rely on their own palates to determine when the next cigar will be dropped.  That’s to say that they won’t let the time between cigar drops factor into if a cigar deserves to be released. Any cigar that is going to be released must meet high standards, one that makes some decent cigars good, but not worthy of a clown band. 

In the next installments, I’ll show you how a Cigar Clowns cigar finds its way to a local B&M or your favorite place to order online. Have you had a Cigar Clown cigar yet? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!